The Results are in for the Next Project

Hey Guys i want to thank all of you who participated in yesterdays poll about the next project i will be working on for the next video series. and you guys chose the Mossberg 500. This will be a fun build and i am thinking of ideas and things i can do to it to make it stand out. i like to do things a little bit different and i do not always like doing things with just regular bolt-on’s. i like to modify and make adaptations to make it a bit unique. so stay tuned because this is going to be interesting. Also just a heads up Thanks to @full30nick i now have a channel on full30. i am starting to upload some content i thought you guys will be interested in and also i will be uploading videos on the New Build soon. so subscribe to the channel to keep up in the loop when i upload a new video, and i really want to thank all of you for the awesome support here. Thank You


I just subscribed, also, here’s his link. I’m going to go add this to the members channels list.



Thank You Brother i appreciate it. :+1:


Shazaam! Congratulations for the Hobby Gunsmith Channel, I just subscribed #4 I think. Now the Huzza,Huzza for the Mossberg Project. This must be good news all around.


Thank You Brother i really appreciate that. im excited about the Mossberg Project aswell. :grin:


Congratulations on getting your channel setup.
Make sure to make a trailer video so your channel appears in the list of channels, if you havent done that already.


Thank You Brother i appreciate that.

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