The Rogue Banshee / Eagle Eye Shooters Supply

Greetings from Helena, MT!

I am a part-time FFL (I still work my day job), Firearms enthusiast and have been shooting since I was 10 years old. If you are looking for an FFL in Helena let me know. My website is Eagle Eye Shooters Supply

Also, I run a website called The Rogue Banshee (first person that doesn’t know me that can figure out the name I will give you a free firearms transfer). It is based on a concept that I call Weaponsteading (working on a wikipedia for that name). It is like Homesteading but for weapons.

Right now I am doing content (video and articles) on full disassembly and reassembly of firearms but I will be moving into 80% firearms and other things to be announced in the future.

Check out The Rogue Banshee for more info. Be warned… It is a work in progress. Videos coming to Full30… when the channel is approved.



Very beautiful where you are at. I lived in Great Falls for about 6 years and have traveled to & through Helena many, many times.

I’ve already checked out you site. Pretty cool!

Thanks for sharing too!


Welcome to the forum mate! Love MT. Would love to spend some time there in a cabin, in the middle of no where and far away from technology.

If the wife and I end up in MT will look you up if we need an FFL.


It is a little hard to see through the smoke today but the last I checked… I was in the East Valley area :slight_smile:

Thanks for stopping by the site. I am working hard to add content on the site. For instance, when I do a video I like to put a post on my site of the tools I used and at what step I used them.


Welcome to the site bud, you should fit right in.



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