The Science behind Cerakote


One of the nice things about Cerakote is the versatility of it.


Gorgeous as usual !!!


Didnt you say that you didnt like Glocks?


Not sure I did, but I do prefer PPQ, & VP9

However G20 is a class all its own



G20 is very much like the new Springfield XD in 10 mm.

G20 is also like the G21, except a little beefier.

So, not so unique, though still quite nice.


Did they ever comeout with a Glock 19 sized 10mm?


Apparently not, jf89.

They skip from G17 size to G26 size, roughly speaking. Thus, skipping the G19 size.


That really sucks, I really like the g19. Its also the number one selling Glock ,world wide and 2nd most popular military pistol behind the CZ 75.
I dont get them, a .45 acp or 10mm G19 would sell like hot cakes.


They make a compact 10mm called the G29 but it is not the same size as a 19, it cannot be because of the cartridge. It is smaller though. I own one.



you might be right. why don’t you contact them and suggest it?

G19 is certainly very popular. Even the G23 is pretty popular. And, they do have the G29 in 10 mm (roughly the size of the G26), so why not?

Please let me know what they say if you do contact them. Thanks.


@RogueGunnWorks, what do you normally charge for cerakoting something?


MAC has a little experiment on going right now - Glock finish versus Cerakote Elite and acid



Of course, no two different Glock models are the exact same size.

What we are talking about here is size ranges, not exact size dimensions.


Im talking about general size. The HK 45 and Sig p320 compact 45 both are G19 sized.



Glock G29 10mm on the left, Glock G19 on the right


I dont like the grip extension on the mag. Basically im talking about a 4" barrel and 5" in heigth.

Nice glocks though :+1:


Works of Art.

Glock Picasso


We now do so much custom work on everything we just have ranges. Basic pistol is $250 ARs start at $350
That’s for assembled weapons.


The biggest difference between the 10mm and the G19 is the width. While the G29 has basically the same slide length it is much wider, has to be. Roughly 2x the power. So, there is critical mass they have to work with. I could see them coming out with a single stack 10mm… but while the G20 Gen 4 is a great pistol to shoot… the 29 is not. Time will tell, the 10mm iw becoming more popular. But picking up a G29 and a G19 there is a considerable size difference. The 29 just feels bigger.