The Science behind Cerakote



It is always a little difficult to compare two guns holding them side by side as the differences can occur in any direction, and usually occur in multiple directions.

Glock classifies the G29 as a “subcompact” - same classification they give to their G26 and G27.

Glock classifies the G19 as a “compact” - they don’t have a gun in 10 mm that they classify as “compact”.

Yes, the size of the G29 is bigger than the G26, but just a little bit smaller than the G19 when it comes to barrel length and (even bigger difference in) capacity. Yet, the G29 weighs more than the G19.

It is my understanding that jf89 was looking for a 10 mm Glock that Glock classifies as “compact” - thus my answers.

But, putting the guns side by side, I agree that they start to look very similar in size.


The G19 is a jack-of-all trades, it can be used concealed or used like a full sized pistol. Very few other pistols really do that as good as the Glock 19.


Does the cerakote scratch? We go to the range about twice a week so the kydex trigger guard holster gets taken on and off a lot.


Yes… it will scratch. I unholster my guns maybe 15 to 20 times a day. At the range, maybe 50? After 2 years I have some wear on my daily carry. This was true with my Glock 10mm I used to daily carry too. But it beats the pants off of anything else. Another night e thing about Cerakote. It is chemically bonded to the surface. So… if you think you have a scratch, and it may even look like one… it is still somewhat protected. You really have to scratch the hell out of it to get past it into raw material.


So how does one go about sending you a handgun to be cerakoted?


Contact us!
If you are out of state, you have to send us your project through an FFL… they usually do not charge for the return. But check around. Some are very reasonable if you tell them what you are doing.


I am playing with laser engraving at low power on top of just sprayed powder coat. Great way to add writing and fine graphics. Getting close to the right settings for the colors I am trying… when I get it right I will do a couple AR dust cover doors for an example.

From what I understand this could be done on top of the Cerakote since it is a baked on finish…

I might play with Cerakote application… not sure if there is enough business here to make that pay…

As I head into winter and have less to get done outside this project will move faster. Building a powder coat booth with a charged screen to collect over spray. Shake it off onto a tray, mix it all and reuse it as a gray…


Cerakote hav a big advantage over powder coat because it is sprayed at .001 to .0015 in thickness. Very thin and you can layer it very nicely. If you have your own laser, you can layer Cerakote, then selectively burn off layers… it can be insanely impressive!


This is an example of layering then burning with a laser. We DID NOT DO THIS!! we do not have a laser but wish we did.


Not sure if my baby laser will have enough power for that… with the powder coat it is just for decoration, not for the base coating and the laser actually “bakes” the powder coat on. unused powder brushes off and can be reused…


Most people think of Cerakote as a weapons only protection. Think about the harsh conditions that the under chassis sees… keeping tools protected is just as important as your weapons. Same thing with equipment.


Do’s Cerakote offer flex?

its ceramic based right, or not?


Not 100% sure what you are asking, but yes, Cerakote is a polymer ceramic and it does flex. Quite a bit actually.


Hard to imagine ceramic on a wood handle, or spring, but IDK the science of it :wink:


We coat springs. Granted not little ones… but biggers ones it not an issue. And there has been no issue with it bonding to wood. They use it for clean flooring, boats, etc.


Playing with my own pistol prior to a few customer’s projects. Bronze in corrosion patina call this one “FORGOTTEN”



I can spray a 80% lower as long as it is not machined at all.


These were all the parts on this project.


This one is COPPER PIG

Uploading: IMG_20190108_084615_125.jpg…

The pig is actually a bronze sculpture by Boston out of Bozeman Montana. He does crazy work.