The Science behind Cerakote


You’ve got some pretty crazy skills also!!


I had no clue what all was involved in Cerakoting until observing @DarkCornerGunworks do it today! Prior to, I thought it was just like spray painting and baking it in. Ummmmm no! It was really neat going through the process from start to finish. And, how rewarding at the end!! It really is an art…and a science…and math…and a test in patience. I have way more respect for people who do this now! Thanks @RogueGunnWorks for sharing your work.


I get that a lot, about just spraying it on…
A lot of people do not realize the weapons or what ever is 100% disassembled (as much as possible AK guys)


Finished this side project today. I like these… fun to do.


This is a 6 color Cerakote.


While some would want to restore this lower and upper with a type 2 or 3 hard coat anodize, if the anodizing is not bad Cerakote does a great job. All parts except for the trigger were done on this particular project. This will also help prevent further wear if kept lubed.


Sometimes, a customer just has to have corrosion protection. On this Sig p365 it is carried in the appendix draw… well, sweat doesn’t like weapon finishes. So… Sig Dark Grey on controls, barrel, extractor, and slide. Then the slide was distressed with a bit of Graphite Black Cerakote. Subtle but distinctive.


I just painted a rifle in the Elite Blackout. It came out gorgeous. Pictures coming soon.


When I have extra Cerakote… personal projects are upgraded. Hahhahah the Glock G42 is my daily backup pistol.


Subtle? I didn’t know you did “subtle.” Though all your work was insane and over the top. You getting lazy on me, @RogueGunnWorks? Lol


Hahhahhahaha oh I do a lot of “lazy” work too… hahhahahaha


Customer’s photo of the now assembled HK Vp-9 that I duel toned the frame. Zero reason to coat a polymer frame except for changing color. This is Midnight Bronze and Burnt Bronze


Not a fan of the Barrett Bronze on this setup. It is designed to be “grippy”
But, if you want a non slip surface, this is great.

Other parts were coated with Graphite black and Burnt Bronze Cerakote


On 22 LR cans, you can get away with H Series Cerakote because of the temp. This is good to 500 degrees.
Added lightning bolts to one of them (customer’s) but I suspected from the beginning it would be to subtle… the colors needed to be more contrasting.
Customer picked them… I may play more with this idea.
The big thing was to protect the titanium and remove the glare.


I looks like cracks. I think it looks cool as cracks.


It does!!! Hahahhahah
I have not thought about doing “cracks” but that may look cool. :grin::ok_hand:


That was my first thought as well, the one you are holding almost shows depth. As usual well done @RogueGunnWorks


Tools can be coated… it is amazing how Cerakote helps prevent rust.


Customer’s project that i cerakoted for him. He sent me an untouched 80% lower. I did the full copper patina on everything I could and sent it all back. He just sent me the photos after test fire. Way cool!


That looks SWEET! Especially with the drum mag!