The Sig P320 cannot fire without the trigger being pressed unless this failure happens first

The latest lawsuit against Sig Sauer has brought a lot attention back on the Sig P320 with more people asking if the gun is safe or if it is going off without pressing the trigger. The only way for the Sig P320 to fire without pressing the trigger is if there are several components that all fail at once.

Sig P320s have a firing pin block as well as a secondary ledge on the sear that keep the gun from firing.


I don’t have a YouTube channel and I most certainly am not posting for clicks when I say that the P320 is poorly designed and a dangerous gun to carry one in the chamber with. I was a huge fan of Sig when the P320 first hit the market. I bought three of them. I won’t carry any of them with a round in the chamber. All three of mine are pre-“voluntary upgrade.” One of them blew up in my hand because it shot out of battery. It sent half the extractor down range. It is a repeatable problem. One of them has a Striker Safety Disconnect that flops around and gets stuck in the upright position all the time. I absolutely do not trust this gun/platform.


I have owned 6 p320s and two of them had issues but only one to a point it wasn’t safe to use. I never dropped them though.

Sig dropped the ball on these due to poor QC which is something they are known for now of days thanks to Cohen(sp).

I have no idea if the issues are fixed but in general I am skeptical of the p320 despite the fact that I love the way they shoot.ymmv.


I’m glad you’re okay…I used to be a big Sig fan too, right up until I got a few pieces of their garbage backed up by lousy customer support.
I’d still buy a pre-Cohen Sig, but nothing new again.


That was a good video but the Sig P320 is not a gun I will ever own. I feel as if they tried in a market that typically is out of their gold standard. Namely hammerless guns.


I agree with this 100%. It’s a real shame too. Sig Sauer has introduced a fair amount of innovation to the market place, only to drive that innovation away from the company. I feel like Sig Sauer abuses their engineering talent in favor of marketing and poor executive management.


They had a hammer version of the p320. They should’ve just built some polymer p226s