The SKS famed or forgotten?


When talking with SKS rifle shooters the question always pops up. What’s your favorite make? Russian, Chinese, or Yugoslavian? Most times people will say the Russian SKS or some one might even say that they want a Sino-Soviet! What ever the flavor they are in my opinion great rifles to have fun at the range with, and cheap to shoot.
The SKS is a semi auto rifle firing the 7.62x39 cartridge from a 10 round fixed magazine that is charged with 10 round stripper clips. The rifle feature a folding bayonet, short stroke gas piston action, and locks open after the lost round is fired.

So for our Russian SKS lovers here is a 1955 Russian SKS from the Tula factory.

This example has all matching parts gun.

Going on a run and gun with a SKS rifle is pretty fun. You will always have a cleaning kit with you housed in the buttstock.

The Russian and sino-Soviet rifles have chrome lined barrel and chamber. The Chinese and Yugo rifles to my knowledge do not.

Now for my answer to the question what SKS do I like best the trophy goes to the Chinese paratrooper SKS.
The Chinese where no slouches when it came to producing SKS rifles I believe they have made 24,000,000 of them! The Russian SKS, to my knowledge they only made 15,000,000+ of the SKS.

The SKS Chinese paratrooper rifle was never a issued weapon. It was a rifle that the U.S. and Australian dealers wanted to sell to their markets, so the Chinese cut and recrowned the rifles down to 16.5 inches and re-pinned the bayonet and front sight post. Even having a shorter barrel they seem to be the most accurate of the variations.

So what do you think?
What SKS do you like best?
Show off your SKS!

My new SKS acquisition

I’ve never even picked one up

could imagine buying some for something like this


Good idea if you could buy them at 1980 prices at 49.99 How could you not.


I sure do miss my Russians! Wish I never sold them. My paratrooper is still my favorite sks but don’t shoot it as much as I use to.


Well that just gives you an excuse to head to the range!


I need yo take my Chinese sks out for an afternoon. She just has irons but very fun.


I would be more than happy to do that!


Russian. Bullpuperized. Bullpuperated? Bullpup-edition.


Looks nice. Who made the kit?


Shernic Gun Works SKS bullpup Stock conversion kit.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a bullpup sks


Retro-Futuristic enough to be issued to the Space Force! Now all I have to do is rig up a flame thrower under the barrel to force aliens out of the air ducts. :space_invader:


That looks like a very interesting project.



You’re inspiring me to actually try it! :thinking:



@brianpurkiss @Robert @Prepper10


That’s pretty cool!


My Dad has a 1952 Russian, which cost him around $100 back in the early 1990’s. At that time, I preferred the AK platform over the SKS, so I never bought one. Big regret. Since then I have learned to appreciate the SKS and I really enjoy shooting it now.


Yeah I remember people buying Ak47’s for $150.00 a piece. It’s hard to think of all the stuff you didn’t but when you thought they will always be around and that price. Now a mosin nagant Rifle that you could buy for $89.00 at fleet farm now sell for $300.00. Makes you wonder what you should buy now!!!


I always admired the concept of Noah and his mighty ark, so I just buy two of everything now. LOL!!!