The SKS famed or forgotten?


Now that I can appreciate.


I bet you could do it! Youre A flamer from way back…:joy:



I have a Factory 106 SKS made in 1957.
Military contract rifle imported by Norinco in the 80’s. (No import marks)
Threaded chrome BBL and Milled receiver, with Spike Bayo.
It is generally considered the Chi-Com Military rifles were the better.
But I cant say myself even though I have seen many different manufacturers I cant tell much difference.


Nice rifle to have! I wish I had one like that.


That’s awesome


Sorry, it’s bullfucked. No offense


The Simonov is my favorite Eastern weapon. Obsolete, to be sure, yet still excellent. Hopefully one day all the Russians will be available again. I’m not holding my Breath on that one. Maybe more from the former Yugoslavia? I’d like to add an Albanian as it’s the most unique after the 59/66…


I want an Albanian as well… I just don’t want to pay for it!!!


I’m considering one with AR’s and have already started collecting to build 5 identical AR’s

Pricey decoration but so is a Rembrandt


For anyone interested in the SKS variants, Yooper Johns gunboards are great:

I have an “as issued” Tula that is phenomenal. Simply the most accurate, and best quality SKS I’ve ever owned.
(If I told you the story about how I came to own it, you’d cry :grin:)

I too absolutely love my Chicom paratrooper…possibly the best truck/camping/ranch gun EVER! :sunglasses:


Holy cow @Comanchero45! That is an awesome site! Thank you for letting us know about it. That is a wealth of knowledge.


No problem!
One of the sites that I learned the most about the SKS…John put a ton of time into that research.


Here is another one for ya.

This has a different sight then is normally seen.
But 100% original.

There is another site you can add your too as well with a bunch of SKS info.


Another good source for information! Thank you for sharing the link with us Brother!

P.S. Beautiful Chinese SKS!


Is this year sight cast? Forged? Pot metal? I’ve never seen one like this.


I’m going to say it is cast.


Your Russian looks good, but there is something curious about it, which I can explain later. And while most Russians had a chrome lined bore, not all of them did. My 1949 and 1950 examples do not. I think chrome bore was added in 1951 or maybe mid 1950. My favorite SKS is hard to pin down. But The Albanians, Yugo Chrome Ceremonial, and Stamped sheet metal receiver variants are up there in my collection. Cast receiver is also kind of neat. And the Egyptian contract Chinese made, and the Izhevsk made Russians… I could go on and on about the SKS. lol

And while I don’t have these, don’t forget that Germany, N Korea, and Vietnam also made the SKS. And the above mentioned Albanians, which I do have several.


Now that’s a lot of Good information!
Thank you @Glockshooter79!
If you have the time throw up a picture of your Albanian SKS if you ever have the time. The Albanian stock is definitely a favorite in my opinion.


I’ve posted these in other threads…but here they are again:

My Russian:

Chinese para: