The Sunday Funnies

Another Sunday News show rounds up.
GUN CONTROL was virtually the only topic this week.
Booker spouting incorrect statistics and as usual talking about what he obviously knows nothing about.
The discussion tables were just as bad.
And the Liberals talking over the Conservatives interrupting them constantly so they cant make their point in the conversation even though they were not.
Change the subject when put on the spot about their incorrect statistics and never answering the challenge.
Typical Leftest strategy.
Quotes from Democrap candidates blaming everyone and everything and claiming it is all White Supremacy.
The Myth is rammed down your throats with no actual evidence to support it.

But God Forbid the other side be given the reciprocal chance to state anything in support of their position.
I watch these crap shows just to see what the is being fed to the people of this country.
And as usual I end up yelling at the TV to STFU and let the other guy talk too.
Or “That is Total BS!!”

I wonder if I can Sue them for raising my blood pressure?
Oh well it just goes to show you; “Its Always Something!!!” (Rosanna Rosanna Danna)


I’m having the same kind of morning.
All media including most on Fox News are pushing or accepting “enhanced” background checks and red flag laws. As soon as turncoat Trump suggests it the R’s are on board as well as all the talking heads in the media. (With a few exceptions that don’t get time to articulate their positions.) Everyone seems willing to compromise on basic freedoms.

Might have start taking those BP meds again. And I gotta keep my guns and throwable objects out of my TV room.


This is why I posted what I did on my other thread where I researched this. I’m not trying to be a racist, but truth needs to be told. The MSM and the Left pushing this "every white person is a white supremecist " is dangerous. The “every mass killer is a white, Trump supporting white supremecist” is also dangerous and they need to be called out on this.


The SA — Sturmabteilung , meaning ‘assault division’ also known as the Brownshirts or Storm Troopers, was a violent paramilitary group attached to the Nazi Party in pre-World War Two Germany.

The SA was instrumental in the Nazi’s rise to power and played a diminished role during the Second World War. The Brownshirts are infamous for their operation outside of the law and their violent intimidation of Germany’s leftists and Jewish population. It was the SA’s thuggish vigilantism, independence from the regular army, and anti-capitalist sentiments of its leader, Ernst Röhm, that were ultimately its undoing.


A new set of Sunday Funnies.
Gillibrand was on ABC today spouting Gun Registration and Mandatory Buy Back aka Confiscation.
She was saying if you want to keep your Assault Style weapon you would need to register it like a NFA weapon.
But then in the same breath she spouts taking them away from everyone because nobody should have Assault Style firearms.
Something I noticed was she was constantly blinking her eyes.
Unusually so.
That says they are most likely lying if you buy into the body language stuff.
What piece of work this Democrap is…
^^^ Yea that kind.

Beto hit the NBC circuit and as usual has NO CLUE what he is talking about.
As if any of them do…
He was blaming Trump for El Paso and spouting that nobody should have a AK-47.
Playing the Racist Card at every turn again.
People were you aware that because of you; democracy in this country is being destroyed?
According to Beto you are the cause.
Seems to me the Democraps are destroying this country.
Wanting to take away my Rights and Suppress what my views and ideals.
But of course since I disagree with them I am a White Supremacist.
I think my African American son, Mexican American Daughter, Spanish American Son would disagree with that.
Oh lets not forget I have Firearms so I am a murderous psycho.
:facepalm: Doh… I wasn’t aware of that.
I’m glad they let me know…

Fox was up next and talked Economy and the China Tariffs.
Montana Governor Bullock spouted the Party Line on Immigration and nothing new there…
The round table had our former rep Chaffetz on board but all they talked about was the Democrap candidate and who could win.
Not anything of substance there…

So there is my low-down on this weeks Sunday Funnies.


Another Sunday on the books.
ABC had that Klobuchar gal on spouting Gun Control Gun Control!!!
They also had Cruz on calling for the Cruz Grassley Bill from years ago to be brought back.
Here is a Summery of that Bill that the Democraps rejected under Obummer.

Summary-of-Grassley-Cruz-Gun-Substitute.pdf (166.2 KB)

NBC had the Beto on still waving that Take Your Guns by Force flag; and comparing the NRA to Big Tobacco killing the Country.
Then the Booger calling for Medicare Socialist For All healthcare. Doesn’t matter everywhere this crap has been tried it is a disaster. Ignore the facts and re-tell the lie enough times it becomes the truth… Typical Socialist Crap-Dump.
Then the Gun flag comes out and he talks about himself and his Bill and blaming the Corporate Gun Lobby on everything of course ignoring the people overwhelming saying NO GUN LAWS.
So now the round table with these fools talking buy backs and crap, then showing the public is 64% against it. Also spouting Everyone wants Universal Background Checks and Red Flag Laws.
Proof again they only listen to their own breath (aka Farts) and ignore everything around them.

No Fox today because of the Cowboys Redskins game.

So as usual the Left hears itself at the expense of everyone else.
If it don’t fit our Agenda then just didn’t happen…