The Ugly Canada Thread


I didn’t name it, just found it, sometimes you guys are to much and I have to slow it down


All this Cawnada hate…


@Robert, they make good whiskey😊


All im going to say is Tennessee whiskey sucks.


Yep ,Pendleton Whiskey is my favorite Canadian whiskey even though its from here in Oregon.


Pendleton yummy!!!


Whiskey he’ll good old moonshine!


White lightening is scary stuff.


We have a small industry here in Missouri making some good quality shine you need to try a moonshine margarita.



What about Jack Daniel’s whiskey?

I am not a drinker, but JD sure is well known.


@Jtr, I’d like to hear more about this quality shine I’ve never had any and I really want to try some, I like higher proof liquor!


Gentlemen Jack was ok…but I like Canadian or Irish whiskey.


Yuck, regular JD is the Old English 800 of whiskey.


Your mom did like it.


Whatever Roberta, Irish people have perfected whiskey. They were getting the masses drunk on quality whiskey generations ago when your family was still in Africa.


pfftttt…we will have to agree to disagree. What are some of the better bourbons then? Im up for trying something new, preferably something with less of the shit taste you get from JD.


Wild turkey is decent I forgot about that stuff,so is Southern Comfort.


Booker’s bourbon this one is 127.2 proof.

And this one is Blanton’s, 93 proof.

Just to name a few.


@switchpod you have excellent taste!


The bib tucker looked interesting! I haven’t heard of 1792.