The ugly debate over “SHOOTING TIPS for WOMEN - BY WOMEN”


I’d like to offer a forum for women to be comfortable to ask questions of other female shooters. Most women don’t approach firearm use and ownership the same way as men and sometimes we need more knowledge before we begin to feel confident. I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience to help empower other women, to help them feel capable and confident with firearm use and ownership. Just click reply and and type in your question.


this needs it’s own category

Hint Hint @full30nick


I love the idea! Do you think a decent amount of interest exists for such a thing? The posts I’ve seen throughout the forum have been from predominately men. I’m interested in how many women actually participate in the forum in total.


It will take time to take hold, some women easily assimilate to the “gun culture” while many are intimidated. If we can show a friendly category with useful information I believe it will grow. I’d like to give it a try and will try to keep an eye out for posts. - Maria


Sounds great! I’ll make the section in a minute here. Thanks for the suggestion!


Any suggestion for what to call it? I don’t want it to be like patronizing or anything, or make it sound unappealing. “Ladies Corner”, “Gals and Guns”, I don’t know, I need help on that haha


Hi Nick,

I answered on the forum, sorry about that. Yes, I believe it will be a valuable resource. Many women are intimidated by the guys and the “mansplaining” of guns and such. I’m willing to keep an eye on the thread if you want to give it a try.


I like “Shooting Tips for Women - By Women”. It’s pretty straight forward, not condescending and doesn’t invite macho. I expect men will still participate in discussions but will be careful. Most men really want to see the women in their lives learn to use a gun, but they can’t connect with her and appreciate any help I can offer. I think having a space on Full30 for women to offer support and encouragement to one another may work out well.


or even simplier
For Women by Women - tips and other concerns.


I feel excluded :cry: …I thought we were a forum for all? Now we’re dividing the sexes. Are we going to have special no go zones for different races next?


Ok, i like the idea. Women are often intimidated, or annoyed, by the Rambo types out there. But, are we allowed to comment? I have taught a lot of women to shoot. The one thing that frustrates me the most is when the husband or boyfriend tells them they are incapable of shooting a real gun so he buys her a piece of crap little .25 or .380. Seriously ladies, you can handle any firearm we can. My daughter learned to shoot with a .45 cal 1911. My race car mechanic handles the 460 like she is Wyatt Earp.

Just out of curiosity, how many women do we have here?


My wife was the same way. Learned on a WWI 1911 and also on a Glock chambered in .357 sig.


Good stuff. I’m trying to convince my wife to join. She liked the idea of what you’re trying to do.


Well, I think most of you know how I feel about women getting special treatment for anything. But maybe I’m in the minority here. I don’t mind there being one but I don’t really see the problem hanging out with the rest of the guys. I haven’t found anything intimidating at all. Over my head maybe but not intimidating. I have found lots of things that are very interesting. I hope the other ladies won’t hide out in the ladies section and not venture out to learn more.


I agree with this, we are all equals and should be treated equal, no special treatment. I mean im the real minority here as a ginger but thats a topic for another day.


KeithP, you “get it”. I agree with you completely.


EQuinn, many women like yourself are able to assimilate to the male dominated gun culture, many more are not. Those women would rather walk away, visit another site etc than to wade into the culture. This category is a softer arena where questions can be asked and answers are given without her feeling “less intelligent” for asking. For many women the initial steps into firearm use and ownership are HUGE emotional steps. We are not like men, we do not learn like men, and will outshoot men once we have the confidence and support to enter into the “Shooting World”. For those men who don’t see why women need a softer introduction to shooting, just admit that you “don’t get it” and leave it alone. There is no good reason to shoot something down that you apparently know nothing about.


How about we just flag any Rambos that pick on women and have Nick deal with them? The thing about equality is it involves being equal, ymmv.
I say go for it but all it is doing is further seperating people based on their differences.


Damn, sounds like someone really dislikes men!


How would you define a “Rambo” picking on women?