The "went to the range" topic


Let’s have a topic about your most recent range trip / experience.

I’ll start. Tomorrow is going to be pretty special for me. I get to fulfill a lifelong dream since I was kid. And that dream was to shoot a WWII bolt action rifle which in this case is my Mosin. I know it seems trivial to you all pros in here but understand I did not grow up with firearms and I was VERY late in my life getting my first one (37). So something as trivial as this means a lot to me, plus I get to shoot a piece of history and that is ALWAYS something special.

As for the range, it’s an outdoor range (I think 200yds?) so we are taking two of our shotguns (Rem 1100 & Ithaca model 37), my AR and I’ll take my Star BM because, reasons.

So let’s hear it! Pictures welcomed!


I just step out the back door and shoot what ever I like. We have a p17 Enfield a model 14 remington that was my grandfather’s and are pistols and revolver s by S&W bolt guns by Remington Winchester and Mossberg.


Just rub it in why dont you. I have to drive 30 miles just to shoot.


Cost me a lot to do it .Had to find the land and build it from the ground up.


Was it worth it?..


Just went to the range Friday to sight in the new scope for my ruger American ranch 7.62×39. Bore sighted @100 yds. then moved to 200 yds, then 300 yds. It shot pretty good for a 16" barrel with wolf ammo. Then took it out ground hog hunting today. Hit 3 hogs, @202yds, 1@313yds, & 1@433yds. I was very pleased.


Yes it is I spent the day without seeing anyone but my wife.


Three shot target@200yds then backed up to 300yds fired 3 more


What were you shooting?


Now that’s funny!See you can be funny and nice at the same time.


What gun are you asking?


I meant gun wise but thank you for clearing that up.


I put description above rifle pic above. Ruger American ranch bolt action rifle chambered in 7.62×39.


It really was worth the investment I gave $750 an acre and it is now selling for $2500 an acre in this area. So with the house and shop that we built I am looking at around $500000 in value. Not bad for a 13 year investment.


If that were the targets from one of my “good” rifles, I’d have been a bit depressed! Considering it’s a cheap, stock rifle with cheap factory steel case ammo, I’m happy with it😃


Thank you…


Where are you located? A few years ago we bought 40 acres in a remote area in AZ for $28k but we still have much to do before we can move there. It is typ SW desert but we like that. Also looking for some wooded areas in Idaho or Montana. Then become migratory.
Shooting off or near my porch would be awesome.


Farm we ground hog hunted today, wide open! Got my buddy helping me set up the sun shade.


While not off our porch our land we will buy in ID, MT or UT will have a range built on it with varying lengths up to hopefully ~300yds. I’ve already got the design in my head. Plus it’ll be awesome for my wife and i’s gun channel. :wink:

I want to us to be able to shoot on it anytime we want. Maybe we will get lucky and find land that borders BLM land…


Cannot tell if that’s sarcasm? No, Bureau of Land Management. aka public land.