The "went to the range" topic


I think this is the right target.



All these were done over several days, maybe two and three some days.




Those are some awesome Caniks. Details! I’m loving my TP9DA. :cowboy_hat_face:


You shoot pretty good,… for an old guy.:wink:


They are model T-120’s Canlks are a lot of gun for the money, I have a model TP9 too. had it for a while.


Awesome. I’m gonna look more in to those T-120’s.


@Belt-Fed Do you live ANYWHERE near Georgia? Because if you do, I think you and I can be friends. :grin:


I don’t care where he lives.
But I nominate him to host the first annual Full30 convention.


He is in Arkansas so I’m close here in South Missouri.


They wonder why I still carry this one.
20 yds:


Teaching the son long range snubbing


50 yards using Ventura ammunition reloads, 300 blackout


50 yards using ZQI ammo


Didn’t do so well with the RIA 45 this day at 15 yaqrds



About 75 yards


Cut some tree down behind the washing machine lid.:rofl:


so I went to the range yesterday. Was going today but they have an event scheduled so closed to the public. Didn’t take any pics but was pleasantly surprised with the muzzle break and Larue trigger on my PSA PA 10. Completely different gun Actually less kick than my 556 now. Then picked up the 556 and yep you guessed was surprised when it tapped my shoulder . Also the trigger I was completely happy with in my 556 is now comparatively garbage . So a new Larue is in need.
All in all it was a good day at the range. 308 is now set for action and the 556 is zeroed but may change as soon as I can get a trigger and muzzle brake.


I bought this cheap smith a while back and the triggers are horrible. about the worst I ever seen. you had to pull it all the way back against the trigger housing for it to work and it’s a hard long pull. First time I took it out I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with it… was very disappointed,

someone told me about a kit you can install in it and it’s much better. called the Apex trigger system. I done some research and it got good reviews. it was only 20 bucks. I thought for that It can’t work. I took a chance and ordered one.wasn’t too bad to put in, youtube videos show you how and it did improve it some. still a bad trigger.