The "went to the range" topic


Good answer! :smiley:


It’s a mix of the delta elite 10mm, and combat elite 45 acp. Right is snap draw. Left is just standing.

Distance is only 20 feet.




Looks like a lot of ammo thrown down there today. :wink: :+1:


Yeah, a lot. Both the colts are a buddy’s. I just bought my M9A3, and a rose Nickle CZ 85 combat.


Pics? The Beretta is slowly growing on me.


I will send some when I get home. I just left the range.



Those are downright sexy. That color choice for that M9 is brilliant.


My buddy, Gabe, engaging the 400 yard target from the Rock Pile barricade from the South Hill stage on my Scrambler Course.


Tonight, 21 feet with my G19 gen 5, edge side!


Impressive! You go girl!





Wow! Great!

Now you are ready to produce smiley faces by shooting at your targets.


Not quite to that level yet :joy: but I can hit what I aim at :grin:



I don’t know. If you can hit a playing card on the side, seems like you could do the smiley face. I have a friend that did it with a .22 lr handgun. Not sure he could cut a playing card.


Glock zapper in 10mm vs the Walther PPQ 45!

Glock takes it for the win!


I got my first shotgun when I was 8…that was 48 years ago. In all this time, I only owned one handgun, a .25 someone gave (which I later gave away). The only other handgun I’ve ever shot was a .44 mag my friend bought around 30 years ago.

Last Friday, I found a new indoor gun range close by. I bought a Canik TP9SF Elite from them and have been practicing for the last 3 days. I am still shooting at 5 and 7 yards, but it feels good! Wish I had done this much sooner!


Good shooting, nice gun! I’ve been thinking of getting a Canik


They’re inexpensive but very high quality. I love mine.