The "went to the range" topic


Took the RPR 308 out just to sight in today. Limited to 50 yard range at club because I forgot my gate key for the 200yrd section.(like a dumbass!) Hybrid brake/compensator worked well! Not very loud & very little felt recoil. 2 1/2lb trigger pull was great, though not as crisp as I’d prefer. Magpul factory grip sucked ass & was the 1st thing I changed out! Put a rubberized ergo grip on, Hugh difference :slight_smile:(not sure of brand, stole off a rifle I put together 8 years back) I’ll hit the long range next week to fine tune & shoot for accuracy.




6 shots (with adjustments in between)



I’m fortunate enough to have built my own range. Here’s Mr. Bomgo’s first day at work. The Dark Corner Arachnid gave him a pretty hard time that day. But, he took it like a champ.


Awesome!(lucky fuc#er) I’ve got access to several properties. 1 is an hour away, & 2- 50 acre lots that need a machine to clear a range. Local gun club I only use for emergency & sight ins.


LonewolfMcQuade, awesome new long-range :+1:


Thank you. I’m dieing to get out hog hunting now! Lol


@LonewolfMcQuade nice shooting and a really cool setup you have there.




If it makes you feel better, my max is about 100 yards. Which is plenty for sight in around here. But, it’s been years since I stretched out to any distance. Indoor ranges are a racket and our only outdoor range around here is cost prohibitive to join and only has a 300 yard “long range,” anyway. But, I think mine does the trick. I can still zero hunting guns that come across the workbench (from my bomb-proof shooting bench I built. Seriously, the thing is ridiculous. Lol) and I have a full 180° dynamic pistol range that I teach defensive shooting from. And, hopefully, if @TacticoolSasquatch1776 agrees to let me spend money, more steel soon. Daddy wants a plate rack. Lol. If we ever get a channel up and running, you guys will definitely be seeing our setup.


This was a quick non-scientific ammo test from this weekend. Overall, the Hornady Frontier had the best groups throughout the day.


…it’s on the list :wink:
We’ll make that happen one day…soon, hopefully!
I am digging this steel…especially the logo on it :blush:
It’s like a gong! I didn’t know what I was missing. No, seriously, I didn’t know what shots I was missing. Now I have noise validation.
I just need to figure out how to see where I’m hitting on it somehow without walking up to it.



Took the RPR308 to the 200 yard range today to fine tune a bit. Snow storm coming & 30 degrees was the perfect recipe to assure I’d have the place to myself lol.
Wasn’t my best work, but ok considering I was under dressed & drank too much coffee to hold as steady as I’d like to have…






200 yards