The "went to the range" topic


LonewolfMcQuade, nice shooting awesome hunting rig👍


Thank you sir.


That is some nice shooting, especially with coffee twitching. :coffee:


I was as hopped up as a five year old drinking cherry Kool-aid loaded with 4cups suger & over abundance of red dye #40!!!:cowboy_hat_face:



Nice rifle and equipment, and nice shooting!

Sounds like you are a man who loves his coffee! (I do, too!)


Love my coffee, to a fault…


Took the RPR 308 to the range today to try out the new PPU match ammo, new bipod & mono pod.the utg bipod was great. The accu shot mono pod on the rear with quick adjust button really impressed me! it made for great quick rough adjustments then you can twist the knob to make your finer adjustments. Not quite as steady as sandbags, but much quicker to get set up on the bullseye and pull that trigger, pretty sturdy! The PPU 168GR bthp match shot identical to the Federal gold medal match with the same weight in Sierra matchking bthp. I did not have to make any adjustments on the scope, groups were the same at 100 yards and 200 yards. this is the hundred-yard group of 5 shots, under the size of a dime. I did not get the 200-yard target retrieved for there were too many others shooting and I didn’t have all day to wait for them to clear the range.

for the 200 yards, just like the federal, it was still under a quarter


Nice shootin’


I though I would throw this up.

I’m very lucky to have a couple of good ranges near by that are pretty accessible going out to 500meters and 900meters respectively.

The picture of the target screen are from my Tikka Varmint .223 1:8twist. 24” barrel shooting 80gn Berger fullbore pils. Distance shot was 600m. Best


Great shooting @Aussie_LR_shot


That’s a nice looking piece @switchpod


My amazing wife got me a membership at an indoor range. A first for me as I’ve always shot outdoors and on private property. What a trip it was to have the target zip back to your bench and not have to cross the firing line to go police up your paper!

I decided my CZ-75 I rebuilt from a box of parts needed to test out Tula steel cases, and some Blazer brass. The steel cased Tula shot low and wonky. Not impressed. The Blazer brass was on it. I’m no Annie Oakley, but dang. You can see the difference.


This is the CZ by the way- a transitional pre-b model from ‘91. I media blasted it, parkerized it, and then cerakoted it at home with an hvlp sprayer from Harbor Freight and baked the parts in an oven. I don’t think it turned out too bad.



Wow! Excellent job! Gun looks great!


Thank you!


Now that is one nice 1911. How does it stack up against your Sig (or anyother 1911s you have)?


I do not own that Colt, but it functions very well!

To be honest I have yet to find a 1911 to (in my opinion) match, or even dethrone my particular Sig “1911”. Now it is true that I have handmade, and to a degree nicer 1911 pistols.
In my opinion for the uses, and my own reasoning I am retaining my position of the Sig 1911 scorpion pistol.

I realize in this day and age there are particular figureheads that would love nothing more than to be sponsored by the Sig company, and if not be the direct reasons for it’s undoing.
In my time being a firearms enthusiast I have not once had a failure with a Sig product. Having said that I know that everything that is manufactured can have a failure or a run of Lemons. Be that as it may I feel that they are still a great relevant firearm.


Wow. One way to build a range.


Awesome job on the pistol restoration! Turned out beautiful!


Thank you Sir!