The "went to the range" topic


It was, I was going to suggest Portland Oregon for that.


Not a fan of AKs then? Jk , Like the quote too “The Hunting Rifle” by Col. Townsend Whelen was a good read.


Missouri Ozarks . We are about thirty miles from any big towns and eight miles to a gas station.


Huh, I never thought of using paper plates. But thinking about it, why couldn’t they work? They’re dirt cheap, you can draw rings on them, the only thing to think about is the other shooters perception of you when your shooting. And, here in NY, anyone who has a problem with me can go fornicate themselves with iron sticks.

As for my latest, and second experience in my entire life, it was pretty good. Still learning to shoot my .22, but I do believe I have my scope centered for me at 7 yards. Now to get it centered at 15. I don’t like the feeling, of others concussive force of a .45 in an indoor range. But that’s the only real downside to the whole experience. The folks are nice, shooting is fun, so far I’m very glad I spent the money I did on a rifle.


I use paper plates with an index card glued in the middle.


Now these are a good idea. I see they go from 3/4" up to 3". Think I’ll pick up some of these.


Another option is the binder ring repair circles they sell at walmart. Stuck to a piece of scrap paper. Also the many local pizza shop pizza boxes have 1/4 to 1" pepperoni printed on em. A family size pizza can be repurposed into like 50 target spots easily! :wink:


@LonewolfMcQuade I’ve had dreams like this. I need to grow a pair and start going door to door to some neighbors and see if they are 2A supportive and will let me shoot on their land.


Just got back from the range. It was sublime. But my shoulder is going to be really sore after 37 rounds of 203gr Silver Bear pills going down range. Wife loved it too, people commented on the huge smile on her face. Haha. She mainly used the AR and she was so comfortable with it and operated it like such a pro I decided to give it to her instead of building her a 9mm AR. So I’ll need another semi auto rifle for myself…a VEPR will do nicely.


Forum upload wouldn’t take my phone’s picture size so I had to lower the resolution. I’ll upload short videos if they came out right.


I like the fact that both of you are wearing forged from freedom t-shirts!


As far as your shoulder, you can get a limb saver slip- over pad. It helps so much you can shoot all day.


Yes, paper plates are cheap. But the main reason I use them is because I can easily see bullet holes more distinctively at longer distance. I place a 1" circle in the center for 100 to 300 yds. A 2" bullseye for 400 yds to 600 yds. 3" for any distance beyond that.


That’s pretty much what we did. Made friend with one farmer, they all talk to each other, next thing you know., his farmer buddies come around asking us when we’re going to come on their land! We’ve got free reign of 1800 continuous acres! The livestock fall into hog holes & break their legs, so they beg us to exterminate them. It’s the most fun you can have, legally anyway lol


Young ground hogs are good bbq.


Thanks! Love these shirts, plan on getting more.


So a few from our last outing with the wife, daughter and family.
This is on BLM land near 29Palms Ca.


Scorpions = Lots of 'em.
Snakes = A few of 'em
Peyote = Unsure (And I wouldn’t tell ya if I was.)
Skeeters = Nope.

Didn’t get to shoot much this trip. Playing RSO most the time.


Or get a past recoil shield .


Ended my Memorial Day with one box of WIN.308 Sierra MatchKings from 130 yards away. It’s been awhile since I fired my rifle last, at least a month or better. Feels good to know it’s still on the money!