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Nice Wildlife!

We’ll be going back to the range next Sunday early AM. This time to get some more pistol time in. I plan on getting sights again for my 9mm PCC so we can take that out. I canibolized the red dot for my AR and with no irons or anything I doubt we’d get any sort of group on paper with no sights. Haha!

I know I shouldn’t shoot +P out of my Star (nor would I ever want to) but I am going to get various types of 9mm ammo including +P to try out in the carbine to see what it eats the best. I’ve only fired Winchester white box ball rounds out of it.


What is the Star a clone of?


The sun?:sunglasses:


You crafty devil you…


Reminds me of my younger days when I was a teenager shooting groundhogs with .22’s. I then graduated to .222 which was a piece of junk. Traded up to a 22-250 which I still have (I’m 70 now). Wish I could find a place here that has those little buggers. But we never had the luxury accommodations like you have.We walked to find them or if we knew where they were we sat and waited till they came out again.My gun is all custom even the stock which was cut out of a chunk of wood. Mauser 98 action.


I grew up next to railroad tracks. From 10 years old on, we’d walk miles up & down the tracks with 22’s, pellet rifle etc. Always a groundhog or bunny to target. The good ole days, before firearms consumed the bulk of my income lol


Nice thread!

We hv 16000acres of awsome property plains , river, hills, Bush, high points …BUT 3hrs away😲

My closes range outdoor to 300m, 1.5hrs away. Thinking if joining a pistol club 15mins away.

Really good when I can go out to the property. My goal is 1000m, so starting to build a long range.

My last range trip was testing .22 HP ammo to 50m. Next will be testing to find best .22 ammo to 100m for my MKII and get on the trigger with my 783 in 308.

I’ve seen some wicked setups at the range.


Going to the range again in the AM. We are going to spend some time with the Makarov, Star and .22LR six shooter. My wife will be mostly shooting the Star and six shooter. She has already hinted that she loves the Star so I might have to buy her one. :wink:


Hah. You all know by now we do it so if pics slip my mind you’ll have to just believe me. Haha.


Went out hog hunting all day,but no pics cuz we didn’t see a fuc!@ng thing!!! Rather depressing. However, a shitty day in the field is still better than a good day at work! Just working on some blackberry whiskey while enjoying my sun burn.


Had fun today. Now we need more 9x18 and 9x19 ammo… Noticed the Star BM’s rear sight needs to be moved to the right a bit. I also need more practice with the Makarov and my trigger control. My groups aren’t as good as I’d like them to be. They aren’t bad but I would like them a bit tighter.



Yesterday was our 24th year wedding anniversary and we celebrated most of day at the gun range. We spent approximately five hours shooting roughly 500 rounds of ammo down range with various handguns and rifles.

Below are a few of the pictures along with a couple of videos. It was a beautiful summer cool day with fair afternoon winds. Approximately 75 degree temperature most of the time we were there.

My wife was the only woman at the range shooting that afternoon and she impressed the hell out of all the guys that were paying attention. She didn’t let me down in any way of course. Several of the guys confronted her with compliments afterwards. She made me very proud to say the least with her shooting ability.

The gun range was also having a fundraiser at the time where anyone who was willing to donate a $100.00 got to shoot two different types of rifles of their choice. Either a few semi automatic and/or fully automatic AR style rifles and/or a Barrett Model 82A1 50 BMG. We didn’t participate in that, however if was definitely fun watching several others shoot those type of rifles.

We started off at the handgun range shooting steel targets first with the Ruger SR9 along with several other handguns of ours:

Then we finished up at the long range rifle range shooting both my Savage WIN .308 & Marlin 30-30;

Wife plinking a steel target @300 yards with my Savage WIN .308 rifle;

Me plinking steel targets @400 & 500 yards with my Savage WIN .308;

Wife shooting my 1974 Marlin 336 30-30 at 300 yard steel target;

Afterwards, we hit the bar for some food and drinks. WIfe got a little sunburnt. Despite that, all in all, it was a great day! We had fun!

What motivated you to arm yourself?

Really cool to see couples sharing an interest.

But its all fun and games until the wife’s IS BIGGER THAN YOURS!!!


Man! Even at 3hrs that is worth the trip at least 1 day out of the month. Personally Id take a Friday off from work. Leave at 8 am and shoot till dusk, then get a hotel and repeat for the weekend!


I often do that when I have a weekend off. But I even go out when my days off are in the week. (I’m a shift worker)

The only downside is other ppl are working.

I am hoping to walk the property soon to get in the middle and find the animals.


1000+ rounds on a Sunday morning? Smells like VICTORY.
325 .22
200 5.56
200 7.62 x39
200 .308
100 9mm
100 .45
Now a MC ride to the beach.


The range is not a safe place. I fell down once.


however while waiting for rescue took the time to make snow angels…


however while waiting for rescue took the time to make snow angels…

Falling down was very slow.