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77 degrees & sunny with 3 mph wind from the north, 35% humidity & 30.15 in pressure & falling.

Just a beautiful day to get the rifles out, so that’s exactly what I did earlier this afternoon.

I needed to sight my 'Bushnell Trophy Bone Collector Edition 3x9-40 Duplex riflescope on my 1995 12 gauge Remington 870 Express Magnum pump action rifled shotgun that shoots Brenneke USA Black Magic Magnum Ammunition/12 gauge 3" 1-3/8 oz lead rifled slug because I recently completed refinishing the entire rifle.

I went ahead and setup my 100 yard afternoon gun range to shoot my Savage Axis rifle with Federal Premium Gold Medal Ammunition 308 Winchester 168 Grain Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Boat Tail first. I needed to reset my rifle scope back to zero after my last shoot from a couple months ago and check it.

These are my results without having to do anything to the rifle other than dialing the scope back to zero (for a 100 yards) . I’m satisfied with the results, especially knowing that my varmint & predator ammunition is 50 grains lighter than what I used here.

I shot the rifle off of one of my smaller quick disconnect ‘Tip-Top’ bipod. Not bad for 10 rounds since the last time I shot the rifle, which was June 31, 2018.

Trust me, I’m no sharp shooter by any standards, but this gun sure does make me look good after what I did to it. It’s one heck of rifle now and I’m thrilled to have it ready to go for any varmints & predators that come into the area.

Did complete getting the deer shotgun sighted in for now.

1995 12g 3"c Remington 870 Express Magnum w/ 22" rifled barrel, shooting 5 Brenneke USA Black Magic Magnum Ammunition/12 gauge 3" 1-3/8 oz lead rifled slugs @ 102 yards away 8" paper target.

3 rounds 1.6" lower left away from center bullseye, 2 other rounds within 4" high left of bullseye. I’ll take it for now cause my shoulder is starting to get a little beat up. May revisit this rifle again later on to further zero it in even better.




Reminds me of a range trip with a friend. She was shooting low every shot and couldn’t figure out why. When I explained to her she was anticipating and told her to watch for it, she still couldn’t see it. She only finally realized the problem when she dry fired and saw the anticipation.

I’m becoming more and more of a fan of mixing live fire and dry fire. The diagnostic capabilities during live fire (without a camera) are limited.

I’m real glad this trick worked well for ya!


Last 10 shots of the day after re-zeroing my irons. Chopped my carry handle to make it compact. Shots were at 50yrds, 55gr tulammo.


Aside from matches, I have hardly been to the range at all this year. Simply haven’t had the time or the weather has prevented it.

Lots and lots and lots of dry fire at home though.


I’m fortunate we get to go about twice a week. It’s an indoor range and it isn’t far, about 25 minutes.



Group 8 before my last adjustment, Group 9 after my last adjustment. 308 Savage at 50 yds with Iron sights 1 inch above barrel. How high do you think I would be at 100 based on middle 9 shot? 150 grain core lokt Remington. I almost failed to mention, my wife was cool to go with me on our 26 anniversary (actually on the 5th).


Both front and rear were UTG. Didn’t get pics, as it started raining hard yesterday, but dropped a centerpoint scope on it and it shot maybe just a hair over 1" group at 50 yrds, 20 rnd group, tulammo 55gr. Dunno if I mentioned, but the rifle is a DPMS Sportical .223/5.56, 16" carbine. The rifle is a pretty good shooter, one of these days I’m gonna get some good ammo and see just how accurate it is.


I must have had a brain fart at the range but after i got home late at night it came to me, if my sight is one inch above the barrel and my 50 yd shots are ~ 1 inch low , My trajectory will only drop from there. Now it will bug me until I get back to the range and fix it.


Aero precision makes a steel set of flip ups that are a good value. I got mine used off Amazon for $80


I feel much better now, went back and got my irons right at 25yds in the 1st pick and dropped a straight 4 power scope on it and got it sighted at 25. Next trip out I’ll set the scope to be either right on at 100 or an inch or two high at a hundred. The eventual goal is to do good enough at 100 to graduate to the 400 yd range. Pretty sure they require a 3 shot group at about an inch at 100.


I’m going to the range tomorrow with these items.




You all.

The PS90 is the best firearm I’ve ever used. It feels like an extension of my arms. The ergonomics are spot on and the trigger is surprisingly good. Went through 150rds in an hour and a half and didn’t realize it. The recoil is like a .22 LR and it is stupid accurate. Used the pistol range today since we were shooting handguns too and after zeroing my red dot I was putting rounds through the same hole the size of a dime at 7yds … off hand. I forgot to grab the paper targets so I cannot show that off. :frowning:

I’m so glad I bought this. It is going to be a great personal defense weapon. Only downside is the ammo cost. It is really dirty now so I’ve got some cleaning to do. :smiley:

On another note, the .45 LC SA wheelgun was sublime. I’ll try and upload a short video of it today.


Thanks for the update. Was wondering how you were going to like it. It looks bad ass!


Dude, I’m SOLD on the 5.7. Now I desperately want the handgun.


the handgun is nice, but OUCH expensive - I suppose the ps90 wasn’t cheap, either.

well, very nice guns and lots of fun.

glad you like your new guns so much!


Looks like the video missed the first two shots. :frowning:


On a side note.
Perfect video for the Forum Community Channel rather than YT.
Have TR post that for you or get your own login from Full30nick.



looks like the recoil is not too bad.

how was the accuracy?