The "went to the range" topic

There were some times when my magazines got kind of stuck too. They wouldn’t feed, and they wouldn’t come out either. Magpul windowed gen 3


My guess is you have a standard weight buffer in the pistol. Try a H2 or H3 buffer. It will slow your bcg down a bit and let the magazine spring raise the next round up. Your bcg is running a bit too fast.


You’re right, I am running the standard weight buffer. I’ll order some heavier ones.


I took an all-day carbine class yesterday. My buffers didn’t arrive in time, but I didn’t get a single malfunction over 500+ rounds. Maybe it just needed to break in, because I didn’t do any cleaning between zeroing and the class. There was a guy who ran his BCG dry, though, and he had problems.

Other than that, I discovered that my Strike Industries ambi mag release would knock against my gear and drop my mags. I had to keep holding it away from my body. I’m going to change back to the stock mag release, and use the freed space for a B.A.D. lever.

The class was all at 35yds and in, so we were learning to deal with our holds while getting all our shots in the A-boxes. I learned lots of stuff I can work on during dry-fire at home.

Lots of the training was about shooting precisely while breathing hard or moving. Later in the class, we did some drills starting with our backs towards the targets, practicing muzzle safety and getting offline. We also trained with some cognitive loading to make sure we’re thinking carefully before we send shots downrange. I learned to listen for the bolt lock to know when to change mags.

Everybody was running some type of prism or red dot. Some had a magnifier, and one poor guy had a LPVO with an offset RDS. His kit looked heavy. Nobody was using irons. The majority were running barrels under 16", but nobody had under 10" except maybe for the SWAT cop with the suppressor. I saw three folding pistols, all using Law Tactical adapters. One guy had the SBA4, while everybody else had the SBA3, including the instructor. He preferred the QD hole position on the 3.

I had a blast!


There was also one time when I started a drill with my lens cover on. But I remembered that Aimpoints used to not have a lens to see through, so I completed the drill by keeping both eyes open and letting the dot project onto blackness in my dominant eye.


I don’'t know squat about ARs, but it sounds like you had a great time. The malfunctions I got like that were from a bent follower in the mag. The tip would come up first and the bolt would jam the round. Sucked till I got it figured out.