The "went to the range" topic


It isn’t worthy of re-posting, especially since it isn’t even the full 6 rounds!

Recoil was surprisingly lighter than I expected. My first shot was way off because I anticipated and had a slight brief moment of anxiety/excitement firing my first .45 colt wheelgun.

I was only aiming for the body mass so I didn’t test the accuracy at all. I believe I need to aim a little high but again I wasn’t really aiming for target practice. Just “gut” shots. And man does it leave some nasty holes…


yeah, that is one of the great reasons that the .45 (long) colt and the .45 acp have been so popular for so long!

if you can shoot with the truncated cone bullets (aka - flat nose), it is the best for seeing the holes.


I know I’m an odd person but wouldn’t it be cool to have a desert eagle sized semi-auto chambered in .45 LC rated for +P? I would 100% immediately sell a lung for one.


I agree, Mister_Torgue, would be cool.

But, please don’t sell any of your lungs for one!

What about the DE in .44 mag? Close enough?


Never. Even though the .44 mag is more powerful and such just look at the size of this thing. The bullet is slightly bigger with the .45 LC but the .44 mag with modern powders and such is more powerful. When you get to .45 LC +P you’ve equalized it. Almost the exact same energy as the .44 mag. So now you have the same energy but with a slightly larger bullet.



Well, Mister_Torgue: there are some revolvers that can handle the .45 long colt +p.

I guess that will have to do for now.


True. I believe actual Colt manufactured ones can and of course the Ruger and BFR ones are specifically made to handle +P. I just wonder how awesome a large frame hand cannon semi-auto would be with one. Imagine the grip size to take those single stack mags loaded with .45 LC. :thinking:



I am not sure the Colts can handle the +p’s, you may want to double check on that.

But, a BFR at 60 ounces sure can. Also, the S&W .460’s can shoot the .45 LC, including the .45 LC +p.

Also, some of the Rugers can’t handle the .45 LC +p - again, something to double check on.


Hmmm, that’s good to know.





We got so tired of that went to Home Depot and bought a rolling magnet (steel case 7.62x39)
To pick up spent shells


Totally. Picked up almost 150 5.7x28, 100 .40 S&W, 24 .45 LC, 40 9x18 and 50 9x19. Yea it took a while.


That’s why you take kids to the range! They love picking up the treasure, till they get old enough to realize it’s a chore…


By the time our kid gets that age we will be in Idaho on my private range and I’ll leave those casings where they lie as decoration. :wink:

But yea, otherwise I approve of that! I’d pay em a nickle per case.


My dad pulled that with me when I was young. Cheap f*** never paid me, I want reparations!!!


Put him in a shitty nursing home untail he pays you back then move him to a nicer one.


He’s been gone for 6 years…& he took it with him!


Oh, sorry to hear that. My dad died too but 15 years ago. He didnt owe me anything though. Now my mom , she is going to a nursing home in the ghetto when the time comes.


Sorry for the loss of your father.


Sorry for the loss of your father, LonewolfMcQuade.