The "went to the range" topic


Damn sorry to hear that guys. I lost my dad 16 years ago.


sorry gunarchy and jf89 lost your fathers, too

hard to lose a father, or any family member, at any age


I’m sorry for the loss of your fathers. My mom recently passed and my dad isn’t taking it all that well.



Sorry for the loss of your mother.

Hope your dad can come to cope with the loss.


Thank you very much. My dad came up to
My place for the weekend and I took him to the local range. It isn’t really his thing but he enjoyed it none the less. He is still pretty lonely but doing better from week to week. One thing about me is I know my mother enjoyed life and wouldn’t want me moping around about it so that helps me. I’ve tried to convey that sentiment to my children so it won’t be to hard on them when I go, hopefully none too soon though. Lol



Last year, My dad traveled to the US for the first time from India. I got the opportunity to take him to the range. India has always been a very anti-gun nation and its extremely difficult to procure a decent firearm there. He was extremely excited for the range day, till his visit all he had shot was a Lee Enfield SMLE Ishapore 2A1 rifle chambered in 7.62x51N and MkIII chambered in .303 back in his NCC days (indian version of ROTC). He shot my Marlin 795, AKM, Marlin xs7 308, Jericho 941 and Walther P22. He couldn’t wipe off the smile off of his face for about couple of days, he was especially impressed with the AKM, he couldn’t believe that a day would ever come in his life that he would be able to shoot the famed AKM. He visited us this year minus my mom, and we spent almost the entire day at the range, where he was able to get a hang of it, and this time around I got the Marlin 795, Ar15, Jericho 941, TZ75, P22 and Rp9 (yes you read it right RP9) to the range. He just loved it, this time around we went to range thrice during his visit, the next two sessions were just handguns and he had an absolute ball. Range is going to become a std fixture for his visits from now on.


It sounds like you guys had an awesome time. That is really cool and it actually made me feel pretty good to read it. Thank you for the pick me up!


Ok peeps. Going back to the range on Wednesday with my oldest brother again. He’s getting some more time in with his XD chambered in .40 will also be zeroing a laser.

It’ll be a little hotter and humid but we will power through it. I bought a little tripod cell phone stand so I can do some recording of my form and etc. Maybe I’ll share some of my lack of skill and post a video. :wink: I’ll be focusing on my AR and PS90. Got to zero the new sight on the AR. I MAY take the Mosin out again along with maybe my Star too to work more on my trigger control.


Well now i can’t wait!


Range day

kind of sad I built every rifle on the table
Gunsmith problems


Is that a public or private range?


Private brother
Your kind of range do as you wish when you wish
Always someone designated as rso
But lots of fun


That’s the dream or at least a range on my own private property. :+1:

Good on you!


Not my spot
But he lets me shoot for barter in maitence and repairs


An equitable arrangement. :smiley:


It is brother


Why sad? I think that’s awesome!


It is
Just a reflection is all like I said gunsmith problems
Happy belated birthday


My videos of my form didn’t come out well—not at all as a matter of fact—because like a dumbass I didn’t aim the camera on the tripod higher. Whoops! Noob! I did get a short video of some of the resulting target hits I dunno if it’s worth an upload. Had a double feed which was the first one since I’ve had the Star after well over 1,000 rounds (edit you can hear it in the video as a matter of fact).

The image of the target I used for the Star BM and some of the zeroing of the laser for my brothers .40 is below. I rather like the Springfield XDM in .40. I have a respect for the .40 now that I’ve got a couple hundreds rounds of shooting it under my belt. No it isn’t a 10mm but it’s a great round nonetheless. Also, I LOVE the PS90. The 6-target paper is the result of my random drills. Man that thing is bullet hose even in semi-automatic. There are 100 rounds on that paper but not 100 holes…yup it’s awesome putting rounds through the same hole.

First few shots with the Mosin @ 100yds (left target). The Mosin got hot pretty quick and I started to rush a bit and I started to see my groups go a bit wider. Oddly my first shot was a bullseye…should of quit while I was ahead!

Empties I could save. Didn’t really capture any of the AR stuff.


Good stuff sir!