The "went to the range" topic



I learned two new lessons and relearned another one today.

  1. Never go to the range without eating first. I woke up and went straight there. I was shaky all morning.
  2. Don’t rush it. Accuracy suffers. <— duh
  3. Aim the camera higher noob!


Lol, I’ve made the mistake of going on an empty stomach after a 40 oz Yeti mug of coffee. Yes, a little bit shaky LOL


Recoil pretty good on the ps90?


Absolutely! It never occurred to me that this is a thing. After an hour I was getting the heavy tired arms feeling. Which the second set of holes and my only video will show, accuracy really suffers with rubber noodles. LOL


There is none. It feels like a basic standard velocity .22 LR coming out of an 18” barrel. Stable and flat. Very fast target acquisition and moving from target to target.

I have honestly never had such an experience where it was this good. The PMR-30 in .22 mag was close.


Wow! Very impressive!


Glad to hear your happy with your purchase
Just don’t get so used to no recoil
Lol I’m just teasing
Looks like you had a productive day


Went from the PS90 directly to the Mosin. So yea. There’s that. LOL :nerd_face: My shoulder thanks you for your support! Heh.


Haven’t shot yet today I’ve been doing up grades on the home range. New steel targets and a spinner.


Can’t resist I’m going to shoot a little.


That is what is wrong with having a range at home . You can burn 50 rounds in no time.


Targets by Fry targets from Henley Missouri.


I’m jealous I gotta say. I want my own range! I want it, I want it, I want it :sob::sob:

Someday I will have it.


Sadly all it takes is money.


Sadly, that’s not all it takes. If that was it, I’d be out there shooting right now.


We got to shoot this yesterday!!! Full auto!!! I was so excited I forgot to ask hubby to video it for you all. I’m still grinning :smiley:


We’ll forgive the “Pics or it didn’t happen” standard this time.

But you’re on notice.

Kidding of course.

Sounds like you had fun. That’s what matters.


The mighty stg 44 today


It was awesome. We were only expecting to shoot our handguns (cause that’s all we have) but the friend we went with rented the P90 and let us shoot it also.


Oh look a quality AK (I kid , I kid) nice rifle. Ive always liked the body style of those.