The "went to the range" topic


This belongs to a older gentleman that hangs out at the shop slot
It’s a great weapon I lil over engineered imo
But most German weapons are


Isnt the AK based off those?


That’s myth
The only similarity really is that there both piston driven
Something stoner missed out on lmao

Hugo schmizer was a elitist and looked down upon other weapons designers


Lol Stoner made the DI work just fine. I had heard that myth about the AK a long time ago, glad to know its not true.


It’s a subjective topic simply because schmizer worked at the izsveck plant the same time the fine refinements were being made
Kashnikov found schmizer arrogant and opinionated about all gun designers
Schmizer even went so far as to say that John browning was a joke as a firearm designer
And we all know browning was the greatest firearm designer of all time

The Germans of that time were the most arrogant people imo


I hear similar stuff about JMB and FN.


There is a lot of history behind Browning’s move to fn
Browning was a humble man from all of the things that I have read about him
He also has the most patents ever submitted about firearms
His basic designs are still significant over a 100 years later
Just the Pump action in a shotgun alone speaks for itself


The hi power is most ive heard about. He started the design and an FN employee finished it so people argue about it for some reason. I think its cool to know that two juggernauts in the firearms industry were working with eachother.


From my understanding most of the refinements on the hi power were already finished but there was a few things that they finished yes
Browning said that pistol was what he initially had in mind for the 1911
He felt the .45acp was to much of a round for the general public to use
Go figure right


It does make sense , I love the .45 acp but the 9mm is easier for a wider range of people to use. I like the 1911 alot more than the Hi power. To me the CZ 75 and Glock are the defining guns for 9mm and 1911s for .45 acp.


Cz75 is a awesome pistol
I’m not much of a Glock fan just a preference
I have a 17 I just don’t really buy in there perfection Moto
It makes zero sense to me that the first thing most owners do is improve the less than perfect Glock


Awesome :heart:


he gave the rights to the 1911 to US Government (hence the term Government 1911), because he felt it was his duty as a Citizen during a time of war.


He gave the ma duece as well


Went down to my range earlier today, to fix a few target stands, replace targets and fired a few rounds from the ar to confirm zero, after putting the scope back on. This is the results at 50 yrds. dpms sportical, 55gr steel cased tulammo, cheap centerpoint scope. Wasn’t really set up for bench shooting, so pulled a couple shots.


Super jealousy. Wish we had our rights back so I can make my PS90 full auto.


Hope they really help. Just got one for my Winchester 30-30 and one for my High-Standard 12 gauge.


They work amazing Brother! Let us know what you think about them after a range visit.


Some of my targets


Went to the range on Tuesday and zero’d the new red dot on the AR for the wife. Also brought out the .45 LC cowboy gun. Shit I love that wheelgun. Went one handed with it and was giddy as a school boy with the size of the holes on target and extra smokey Remmington wheelgun ammo.

There just isn’t much better than a wheelgun that makes a loud noise, smokes and make large holes in things.