The "went to the range" topic


Think of the holes , smoke and noise from THIS !!

1" bore home made signal ? canon


What’s the range on that? Pretty cool.


does it take glock mags?


Yes but they make odd shaped holes and don’t fly very accurately .


I don’t know what the range is. I wad it with paper and shoot it for the Report it produces lol


Looking down the bore
The lathe used to make the barrel


Aly.bel and I got to the range early this morning to go shooting.

She was a trooper going out in the cold for five hours, and she got to shoot out to 500 yards too.

I had the chance to test the new H-AF buffer weight that I made. For the sig 716.
Brass was ejected at the 4-3oclock position.
When I first purchased the 716 it was shooting 8-10” MOA. I was going to rebarrel it until I thought of a better idea!
I ran 260 rounds of steel case brass washed Norinco from 1992. I think that it lapped the barrel nicely.
.650 first three shots at 100 yards.
Aly.bel got her Remington 700 out. Zeroed it at 100 yards with this group.

Her three measured at .655!
Aly.bels 4 shot at 500 was a bulls eye.

It sure was cold, but we had fun. The 6.5 Grendel, the MK18, and BCM ran flawlessly.


Right on. It looks like the humans and weapons are both proven in cold weather. :wink:


Yeah, it’s really fun in the rain. That was our last range day before this one.


It was just nice to get some trigger time in, even if I couldn’t actually feel my extremities. What used to be an almost every weekend occurrence is now a handful of times a year so I’ll take what I can get!


As long as you showed those targets who’s boss that’s what matters. :cowboy_hat_face: