The worst firearms advice John Lovell has ever heard


Some of this advice is so bad I haven’t heard it before…

John Lovell is a damn good shooter - definitely listen to his advice.


That is something I would have never imagined anyone describing him as. I’ve seen a lot of his videos and he seems very genuine, goofy, and knowledgeable.


I know witch video your talking about it was about how a gun feels in your hand I believe ?


Okay, I just watched it and I’m not sure why you think that. But I am a girl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That video? Yeah, I’m gonna have to completely disagree with your “pompous ass” claims on the basis of that video.


Hes got a nice clean cut look and he obviously does it for a living. I’m not to worried about his attitude so much as does he have something valid to teach me and I have to say yes. I like his martial arts take on getting sight picture. The more you do something the faster you will get at it naturally. Just like practicing a strait punch or an upper cut till you get it perfect. I do like Paul Harrel as well and his Shatner…Like pauses. :smiley:


@Mister_Torgue Paul Harrell is the man! I wish he would come here. I been dropping the suggestion on his videos lol.


I will be honest I have never heard of any of this “advice” ever. I’m glad that John is dispelling these myths.


I watched the vid in question (IV8888) and yes he came off as my way or no way.
And a lot of cocky young trainers do come across like that, and stems from how their MoI (Method of Instruction) was taight to them.


There is stuff out there where absolutes can be made. And given that topic, I would agree.

Someone with good skills can shoot fast with any gun, no matter what the grip feels like. People are lazy and make excuses and make a claim that the gun is the reason for their lack of skills.

If you watch anything else he does, I don’t think anyone would call him cocky. His videos include a lot of “there’s multiple ways to do this” and rarely teaches things as there being only one way of doing things.

But - sometimes definitive statements can be made.

Confidence does not nescessarily mean cocky.


Some one please post the video in question.



I thought we were talking about this one:


your right - grabbed the wrong one


John seems to bring up a good point. Hearing excuses about this type of stuff is aggravating.
He seems to be responding to different situations and giving his opinion in a constructive way.


Yeah. He is an instructor and has been one for quite some time. I’m sure he has heard this excuse many times over.

When funds allow, I want to get a bone stock Glock and put it through a bunch of standards drills and make a video about it. Showing people how their gear isn’t holding themselves back - their skills are.


That’s funny because when I was training that’s all I would use as a side arm. Different sights “steel” but other than that bone stock. Even did trick shots with it you wouldn’t believe. 480 yard shot kneeling at a 24”x18” steel silhouette, hit on the 8th round spotter yield HIT!
Experience will always trump equipment with in reason.


You can feel how ever you want about him, but please keep in mind that he was a sheriff and did multiple contract tours in South America, and the Middle East and there is no
Benefits for doing that. R.O.E are quiet more strict being a contractor.
Just something to think about.


Let’s not get too far off topic guys.


Fair enough.