The YouPuke fiasco

Who here has a YouPuke channel? Have you been slapped yet?

Last year my channel was suspended for 90 days after the Vegas shooting due to two videos that had bumpstocks in them. One video was how to install a bumpstock. The other was how to use a bumpstock both left, and right handed. Both had been there for nearly three years with no issues. All of a sudden, they’re a problem and get removed and the channel is suspended. Appealed, no luck.

Fast forward a bit. New YT TOS, no more links to vendors. Well dang, nearly all the videos have a vendor link, it’s kind of what we do, promote products. Over 450 videos that now need to be checked and have links removed. As far as I can tell the channel is complaint with TOS.

Fast forward a little bit more. Boom, I get an Email informing me my AdSense account is suspended, no more monitizing videos for 30 days, and my earned funds are frozen for 60 days. Email says this decision can not be appealed. Their reason, they claim I’m going on my own videos and clicking ad links to earn money. I don’t have time for that.

I guess complying with their TOS isn’t enough, they will make stuff up to strangle channels like ours. In 11 days my AdSense will be active again. However, I will be going out of my way to not post YT links. For this reason I’m really looking forward to calling Full30 my new home.



Many of our videos have been restricted. Mostly because we show the true realities of off grid homesteading. We were locked out of our channel for over 2 months with the only reason given that we were spamming. WHAT? They were unsubbing our subscribers and not giving out notifications even to those that wanted inbox alerts to our uploads.

A few Youtube homesteading channels have the blessing of Youtube but they show fluff, “skin” or don’t get into family values or conservative topics like firearms…or they already had a big audience before Youtube started cracking down on channels they didn’t like.


I would say for perhaps the last year they have been demonitizing our videos. Some will have 2 or 3 views and boom. We have one video that gets over 10k views a week, sometimes it gets that in a day. The demonitized it. I even get my scheduled live streams demonitized before it’s even aired.


Wait. How is a homestead / off-grid living channel offensive to youtube enough to have them ban / lock you down? I don’t get it. How is that spam to show that stuff?

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Your guess is as good as mine.

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