The YT refugee list...who to invite


There are already some good one’s mentioned, but Johnny’s Reloading Bench is at the top of my list.

I’m sure there are many others.


I’d like to see 704 TACTICAL get invited.


Elvis Ammo, Loads of Bacon, AP2020 Outdoor Adventures, 180 second ideas, The Honest Outlaw, PAUL FRIGGIN HARRELL (gotta have Paul Harrell!), The Reloader Dude, The Social Regressive…


314299 Shooting Channel, DEUCE AND GUNS, Full. Lead. Taco, Loads of Bacon, just to name a couple.


Going through my list of YT subscriptions, not all gun-related channels are ones I’d recommend, but several are.

AshburnArmorer - small channel, only 3k subscribers, but he disassembles/reassembles guns, something that’s of interest to all of us for help with our own.

Brownell’s - I watch their weekly new products videos with Paul Levy. Since they present new products with the goal of selling them, YT will likely yank them.

God Family and Guns - Nice concise reviews and top 5 lists.

Green Light Shooting - Product reviews, etc.

Honest Outlaw Reviews - Product reviews and top 5 lists.

Kotaboy32 - Reviews and political rants.

Legally Armed America - Gun history and political dialogue.

Lucky Gunner Ammo - Well prepared product reviews and educational reviews about various aspects of shooting.

Munitions Law Group - An Ohio-based lawyer who responds to messages about various legal aspects of the gun world. Not as federal-oriented as Adam Kraut on TGC.

I do subscribe to other YT gun channels but these are the ones I like the most and believe would be of benefit to the gun community on Full30.


I would like to be invited. This is my youtube channel:

It was basically weapons, blade and ammo recharge channel, but now it’s a mixed channel hoping to escape from yt witch hunt. :frowning:


Ditto. Good content and reviews from them.


Iraqvereran8888 . . . good stuff!


I would like to see "ZRUS Outdoors Channel " here on Full30. Very informative videos!


This is a solid list.

Your input is very much appreciated.

To apply for a channel reservation please go to:

Once the application process has been completed, we can review that channel to be featured on the next round of Full30 invites.

Thank you