They can never take your talent.



Hello full30. I’m Switchpod. I am writing this to all of our producers, artists, Gun Smiths, competitors, people who even post here and there from time to time.
I want to thank you and congratulate each and everyone of you.
You may not realize it, but you inspire people. Everyone that reads a post and thinks “yeah I want to do that” you are the push in that direction for that person.
I was doing some research on some business ideas (not that anything will come of it), and reading a story of a guy just like all of us who had a business and fell on hard times, and had to let a few employees go. Business was getting worse and there was no sign of it getting better. When a supplier was talking to the business owner about the situation they where in the supplier stated simply to the owner “They can never take your talent”
Now you can take that for what it’s worth to you, but to me I think of all of you on this forum. We all have our ups and downs, but we stay the course.
Let’s build this house out of bricks!
Again I say to all of you Thank you.


Thank you on behalf of FULL30

In return I’d suggest your talents could be put into video on your own producers channel :sunglasses:

You do amazing things, keep it going!



Sometimes it feels like we’re building a house out of rubble, not bricks. It gets discouraging sometimes, especially when we get too focused on the current sub-project and don’t take a step back to look at the big picture of all the progress we’ve made.

Thanks for the encouragement!


Yes Sir,
it is a path/road/story of many chapters/marathon. Side roads come up for a reason and here we are. It’s not what happens but how we react, and never quit. Never quit training. Great post.


This is a great post @switchpod in a lot of ways I have always felt the need to help and advise if it’s within my knowledge
A lot of us have skills that others don’t and this vessel allows us to discuss and educate each other on a skill that is slowly becoming a lost art
It’s a pleasure to share and learn from folks here


Trust me I would love to be able to do that. Family comes first always for me. Some day if I get enough time I will look into it. Thank you for the support Robert.


No problem Brother! You keep making videos!


Words to live by! Thank you Brother!


Amen to that!


Film these small projects you do, put them on the community channel for starters…




We need to start a poll on this…we already know the results but peer pressure is worth a try. :laughing:


Beer pressure is more effective :beers:


Well in 6-1/2 months we have had our ups and downs here at Full30, but with that we have also had 378 people come and sign up to the forum!

Congratulations, and Thank you to everyone in this effort to advance the awareness of the Full30 forum!

May 15th basic members.

December 1st.


Thanks for the reminder to update the mobile :sunglasses:

I’ve got a good photo of Bill & Ted I plan to fit it :+1::+1:

No, not those two


I have been gone for a while
Sorry brothers
Shit had been crazy at the shop latley


Check out review thread! You will like it!

Good to see you back!