They fear my cane


Took my daughter to a doctor appt. Sitting here in the waiting room waiting. In walks one of the doctors and asks

if I have I different cane I could use next time I come in.

No, this is my cane.

Well, it looks like a gun and makes some of the staff uneasy, we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

It’s my cane.

I understand that, but can you use a different one?


Ok, just thought I would ask.


That cane is awesome.


Are you S#!++!N& me? Because of its shape it is suddenly more dangerous than, oh I don’t know, one of these? Or this?


I almost laughed in his face.


Paint it black and make them cry.


OMG, that is friggin awesome!!!


Assalt weapon cane? ?¿Omg melt a few snoflakes i say!
Ban the spork, hammers of mass desruction?:ambulance::ambulance::ambulance:
Someone needs a wawhmbulance😁