They Shall not Grow Old

If you haven’t seen it you need to, no excuses. I knew WWI was brutal as a history and world war buff that I am, however this footage remastered coupled with the interviews from the soldiers who were in the war it really brings a completely new perspective. Holy shit you all, it is breathtaking on more than one level.

Right now it is only available from Amazon UK but I can confirm my XBOX One X played it perfectly so I will assume all XBOX One models will play it. I also will assume the PS4 will as well since it is region free (I have a ton of international games for both systems).

Side note, after watching it made me really want an Enfield from WWI to pay my respects towards the soldier to whom it was issued to.


My Grandpa was a 2nd Lieut in the National Army and, in France, resigned and took a commission in the US Army as Lieut (6th Inf (Red Diamond), Co I, 5th Div) and his Division was among the first into German Territory. He stayed on for a few years in the Army of Occupation in Belgium.

He was at St. Michael and the Meuse-Argonne and had his gear shredded by shrapnel bit was unhurt! Though he did take a dose of chlorine gas and had lung issues for the rest of his life (d.1972). I still have his map case - pretty cool. Though he NEVER spoke of the war to me - I learned of some of it from Dad.