They walk among us


Yes, these fools really do walk among us. I’m not sure how they can walk and breath at the same time, but yet here they are.


Wow, that’s a bit far off the mark!

I wonder if poor, misguided Carol even knows what a machine gun is.

Thanks Tactical_Reviews.


I’m not sure she knows the difference between the ATF and AFT. One is the back of a ship, the other is not.


Good point. Well, let’s hope she doesn’t vote!


If she does, I hope her research is better.


She doesn’t sound like the analytical type, so probably not.


talk later…


“Be best” thread of the day


Plenty of people get paid to spread that type of misinformation…


Some people just can’t be that stupid, they have to be professionals.


Probably another bot…
Either way, definitely artificial intelligence.


Was that said on here?


Thats the most ridiculous meme ive seen on here, which is saying alot thanks to us.


Ahahah))) Agree! 100% the most funny memes)


Thanks for the images. Geez, why do we all (here) know that liberals really can be that stupid? Well, look at their anti-gun attitudes (among other misguided ideas they follow), that says a lot about how little they actually think things through.

I guess that is what ‘group think’ does to you. I prefer rugged individualism (aka - self reliance)!