Things i wont give up!


My EX wife bought me this a few years ago for the front of my truck. I still got my dog and guns LOL


For me I won’t give any of those three up. :man_farmer:


I didn’t give mine up per say, I like to think I traded her in for a newer, sport model. A 1965 upgraded to a 1985 . Hell of a ride, till it rides me into an early grave. But I’ll die smiling :cowboy_hat_face:


Haha. Mine started out a 1984 model. :wink:


Does it make me a cradle robber if mine is a 1988 model?


One of my lines to her was “could you help me with a math problem? How many times does 42 go into 29? (Our ages) I’d really like to find out!” Hey, it worked!!


Borderline! Haha. :smiley:


Extenze and a fat wallet might help.


You have me beat on the difference in age Brother! Good job!


Lol, I traded a 1975 for a 1969. Should have gone the other way. Ill keep my gun and race car. The first one actually said “either the car goes or i do…”


Age is meaningless when you’re happy! Oh hell yeah, the racecar, awesome!


How about my freedom??..


Here you go, brother.


To be honest I prefer Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, heck even Ariana Grande would suffice. Basically any good-looking Latina suits me fine, so there’s another ‘wouldn’t give up’ for ya.


Finally someone got it right!


The politicians are renaming everything here from schools to lakes, you name it. There goes our history. Love it or hate it a Fact is a Fact. No amount of indoctrination can take that away.


Even taking the liberty to fly it upside down, LOL. Guess they didn’t care that much afterall.


I tend to avoid politics, history, patriotism and all that. Can of worms man… FTS.


I fly a confederate flag and an Antifa flag just to show im neutral.


I can appreciate your point of view, yet if I may in still a quote that may help you see the importants of my opinion “ those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it”- George Satayana.