Things i wont give up!


And I do yours. I’m not ignoring history -in fact I’m very historically aware, it’s just that it’s so evil most of the time. Especially when it involves patriotism, which ruins it. -Goethe. We don’t need patriotism, not the fanatical crap anyway. We don’t even need things like a call to arms in defense of the nation. As Yamamoto was already well aware: attacking the mainland of the USA would be foolish, as there will be a rifle behind every window. So I’d say let 'em come and get a bloody nose! I fear no man, we are a nation at arms and God is with me -I’m confident. Nobody in their right mind would be dumb enough to invade.

I’m a peaceful man and will not resort to violent action unless defending my church, family, loved ones, home turf, my own community or what is legally mine. I lead a quiet, secluded life and prefer to keep it that way. I like good food and wine, and just want the government to stay out of my life and not touch my guns. I will most certainly not pick up arms to go fight in an unjust war and want to be left alone. Perhaps it’s my island mentality, who knows? I don’t believe in flags but answer to a higher call. The only thing I care about is the Cross of Jesus Christ that I wear at all times.


You get my vote for comment of the day! It surprises me them riff-raff in white haven’t paid you a visit yet.


I must have misunderstood your post. I also noticed your picture of, and name “ minuteman”


One has to be realistic, what more can you do than at the local level? Think that one through for a moment. Consider your resources and action radius, and think logically. I’m perfectly happy with peace and tranquility at the home front. Trust me, the only bogey men you need to be cautious about are the criminals and predators of society. The government is not after us or coming after our guns. If they were I’d wish 'em good luck because they simply don’t have the manpower. Believe me we’re doing just fine.


I voted for Trump last election(I know I know) and got sucker punched outside of Wal Mart for wearing a pro Trump hoody, the lefties are much more violent in my AO. Really im tired of politics and have more of a f*** everyone philosophy.


You hit the nail right there, and that is exactly the problem with today’s society. People just don’t respect the freedom of others anymore. I disagree with Trump and everything he says or does, but I respect your freedom to vote for him. I don’t trust any politician, because all they want to do is control others. Man, I don’t even engage in politics. When -if- they ever come door to door to confiscate I’ll make my stand, but as long as that isn’t the case I’m not wasting one minute of my time. Politicians will just always be politicians. What are you gonna do? Take on the US Govt? Good luck. Just remember they have Abrams tanks, F-16s, drones, Nosy Spying A-holes and a crapload of money. Anyways, let’s not go down that rabbit hole and turn this thread into another crack pot discussion. Let’s just keep things funny and light-hearted overhere.


Yea, I agree for the most part.


Just concentrate on your own game. Don’t judge others, you need not worry about that because that’s God’s job. Make sure you stay humble, your mind is right and your heart’s pure and you’ll be fine.












Oh HELL NAW!!! They would be dealing with 6’ 220lbs of REALLY pissed off Irishman!


Im actually 6 ft 220 lbs and have a full red beard, my ancestors were Irish and German mostly lol
The situation got bad and I did fight back. I put him down pretty hard but it was all pretty uncalled for and stupid.


So, you DID fix stupid! LOL

I hear ya man… friggin barbarians


To be clear, your speaking about anti-Trump people?


My wife sucks marginally. I wish she would learn to suck better!

After all rate of fire enhancements are banned