Things i wont give up!



who is the woman? well, she sure can do the dance.

thanks for sharing the video.


I have no idea. And you’re welcome, haha. I’d rather prefer this chick, although Merengue is shit.


I was talking about getting in a physical altercation over a difference of political beliefs. Trump supporter,Bummer supporter,Clinton supporter it dosnt matter it was stupid.


I prefer latina erotic dancers but my fiance dosnt “approve” of me hanging out at strip clubs to admire their work, haters going to hate.


Tis true…


Merange my ass im going cougar !


Love me some cougars :heart_eyes:


I will be giving up exactly nothing, why? Because I’m free.



thanks for the video. yeah I would prefer this chick, too.


Strip clubs, brothels, pornography and alike are evil, as forbidden by God. Being private with one’s own wife is okay. Even then, one does not sodomize or degrade one’s wife. Because such is hardly the conduct of a Christian.


When such words/opinions are in these times neglected

I salute you for your courage to say them.


I never said anything about sodomy, just hanging out at strip clubs. Im not sure what you do with strippers but sodomy is frowned upon and will get a guy tossed out and possibly beat down. Seriously though I dont fuck around on my old lady or mess around in places like that anymore, more out of respect for her then any connection with god.


Nevermind, you missed the whole point. Hanging around at strip clubs, casinos, brothels. They’re all the same thing. Places God doesn’t want you to be. But if you’re a non believer that is entirely your business of course. I just added my $0.02


None of us are Saints. We’re all weak sinners, merely human. As long as we try to stay the course, cleanse or hearts, minds and souls from earthly evil and impurity regularly. That’s what confession, absolution and eucharist are for.


No ,makes sense, i was just clowning around a bit.


Whats your opinion of sodomy?


Me thinks we digress. We, in a gun forum, started with “Things I won’t give up” and are now starting to discuss sodomy.

Just sayin.


Back on topic: the AR-15. It is the best general purpose rifle system ever created and luckily it will still be around a hundred years from now. I don’t see it going anywhere, really. What we need is more of this at more feasible prices though.


MK318. It’s scarce. Outside TAP barrier ammo, heavier grain OTMs etc we’re stuck with a round that is technically obsolete. M885 is inferior to the more modern stuff in each and every way. Sure it does what it needs to do, it’s just that SOST (and EPR) is a whole different ball park. 5.56 has come a long way since its conception in the 1970s.


Sure, by all means!

The reason the Marines use the ACOG is because of this round. M885 is realistically a 300m round. Past that threshold it won’t be effective (which is why the Army uses it w/ Aimpoints). The round simply isn’t accurate enough. ACOGs make it happen, especially in the >300m where things start getting a little more involved. And that is where SOST really shines. You can make accurate hits out to 600m, no problem.

I’ve always been opposed to EPR. It really has not done anything substantial to to justify its development and use. Despite claims, EPR still acts like a normal FMJ and thus, sucks for terminal ballistics. Using the penetrator to chew up cover is not a legit reason either, because the 5.56 sucks for that purpose anyways. You use enough rounds, even a non-penetrator will get through. Also, plate body armor has advanced to the point where it can reliably stop multiple hits of M855/SS109. Most plates used in duty body armor are rated for multi-hit M855.
We should entirely replace the 5.56 inventory with the Mk318 SOST round, ditch everything else and be done with it. Same weight, same exterior ballistics, but terminal ballistics are far better, and it performs better through vehicles.