Things i wont give up!


Wow this topic went south fast.


Full30 is kind of a laissez-faire affair :smile:


I see. :slight_smile:


No it just went on a detour but its back on track, sodomy and gun control are not conversations for everyone.


I like guns. :smile:


Me too, I also like cheese.


Only here can we craft together the 2nd amendment, sodomy, & cheese​:grin::joy::rofl::smiley::smile::sweat_smile:


Well we all ought to cut the cheese.


Now your adding fart jokes? Grow up.


Try being lactose intolerant in the Land of Cheese.

I’m not giving anything up…except the cheese.


Im allergic to cheese but still eat it, just in moderation or I start having issues breathing.




don’t worry, Robert. You aren’t that old, yet. You are still able to work.

I retired because my job was slowly killing me (literally).


I actually had to retire from collecting welfare ,it was killing my libido


That was a great vid. They look so different now. Geezer these day looks like one so he lived up to his name. Tony looks better now. Ozzy, well… he’s Ozzy. Can’t say I’ve seen Bill in the last 10 years so who knows.
Great video. Thanks.


Hmmm, I thought we weren’t sharing that info? (Well, at least you weren’t!)


I smell funny…



ok. I was a computer analyst in the financial industry. Worked around the clock with a lot of pressure to make deadlines and keep the system running. Finally got to me as I got into my mid 50’s.

The computer industry is mostly made up of young (20’s to 40’s) people willing to work long hours and often, be on call all hours (sometimes even when on vacation). Yes, some people do make it to retirement (I barely did), but a lot don’t (they change careers).


I have a respirator so I can eat cheese safely. The smell really isnt that bad. If you want to smell something disgusting you should sniff the bums over by the local wal mart.