Things i wont give up!


Money just pays the bills, doesn’t make ok the stress levels (and lack of sleep). So, I saved my money best I could and (with the wife’s help), retired as soon as I could.


I suppose you are replying to me. Thanks (if so).

I like your comment about inequality. So true.

Instead of complaining about other people’s success, those that desire it, should work for it (like I did). Sure, it’s great if you are born into wealth, win the lottery, etc, but for most of us (myself included), we have to earn and save our way to freedom (though kind of still working on really being financially free).


They both could compromise, maybe fly both flags together or even put Malcom X on the confederate flag, people just need the ability to think critically.


Just sayin…


You’re nice enough to beat them?..
I just shoot.
Don’t care no more. No one’s got time for :snowflake:️ Trash.


See, i got 1 of 3, “i got 99 problems, but a Bitch ain’t one.”


You crafty devil…


#Meme Lives Matter…


“Don’t fuck with old guys, they will just kill you”.


Some words 'o wisdom right there. Think I’ll make it a bumper sticker for my truck.


We are old for a reason.

My dog - never
My wife - maybe
My gun - how much do you have on you?


I will never give up this helmet.

I found it in a destroyed Soviet APC during my first tour in Afghanistan. The former owner no longer needed it. I hauled it back to our FOB for miles. We won’t go into details but you’re not allowed war trophies so it never saw Customs. Don’t make fun of the Air Force by the way.

Anyway, it sits on my fireplace in the same way that my grandfather’s Luftwaffe helmet that he brought back from WW2 sat on his before he passed and it disappeared. I remember being five years old and marveling at it. Such hazy memories of intrigue and mystery surrounded that helmet. It’s story passed with him.

Now I have one of my own that I can pass down to my son, along with the story behind it.

It’s not going anywhere.


I will never give up my weener, im not from that side of Oregon.