Think I’ll just leave this here to ponder upon !


And you can bet your bottom dollar that our good buddy DJT is all in on this one!!!


Who in the government is asking for this and for what purpose? I really would like to know so we can be sure to trace what politician(s) approved this move so they can be outed and voted out of office.


This is the same story as here:


to view what you pointed your rifle at, seems it was all recorded and uploaded


This is the same issue that @Tactical_Reviews thread brought up. Sad, there’s so much going on concerning gun owners that we can’t keep up with all of it and create duplicate threads.
Like I said before, all this technology is coming around to bite us in the ass and being used against us.


Wow that is absolutely an invasion of privacy. The only way out is if the users who downloaded signed a EULA condoning the practice of their data being shared. Now these users who are all likely not committing a crime now are on a registration database essentially.


So for at least a week I have bene saying that trump said this and what a reception I got. The sad part is that it was a lot of supposed 2A supporters that were lambasting me. Well I guess the rumors weren’t rumors after all. So how far down this slippery slope are we really willing to go before we say that enough is enough and that it is time for protest by civil disobedience. Think long and hard because the 2A is the balance that protects EVERY SINGLE RIGHT WE HAVE!!! IF our gov is willing to do this to us while we are armed what will they be willing to do when we are not!


This is a tough one, but I do have the answer. Had to dig into it a few days ago.

So, ATN makes an optic that has a smartphone app with GPS tagging ability. This optic has been being illegally purchased by the pallet and sent to countries that do not have license to sell it. (This is an import/export copyright thing. Not a gun thing).

One of the alphabet organizations (I can’t remember which one) is investigating the trafficking of the optics (again, import/export law, not gun control). In an attempt to locate the optics in transit, they requested the information. However, they can’t request the information specifically about the pallets in question. So, yes, anyone with that particular optic that did register the app would be, potentially, subject to privacy invasion.

However, the story is being circulated as though it has something to do with gun confiscation in order to fearmonger. That’s misinformation from our side, btw. Not from the anti-gunners.

I do not agree that it should invade the privacy of those innocent people, and it could be a slipper slope. But, it is very much not related to gun control and should not be being pushed by people as though it is. That’s irresponsible journalism.

Hope this helped.


While that is most certainly plausible and a likely answer it isn’t fearnongerimg to assume the government won’t still store that information for a “future purpose”. Never trust the government. Ever. Why else do they have that NSA complex in Utah (?) for the sole purpose to store everything digital.