Thinking about a glock build and can use some advice

I have been thinking about doing a Polymer 80 build for a long time but I have no real experience selecting parts. From what I can tell the following parts are very high quality and worth the money but I really don’t know and was hoping for some feedback.

(Can never get my current Glock open without totally and painfully destroying my nails)

(Have no idea the difference between a steel tungsten and titanium rod or if its worth it.)

(because I have no idea what other parts I am missing.)

I have not decided on if I want to go with a red dot or not so I haven’t decided on irons or slide yet. I have thought about doing this as an SBR build if that makes a difference. I also have no real clue when it comes to red dots as I have never owned or used one. I would appreciate any advice.