Thinking of switching to DA revolvers


So im obviously setting back a couple 9mms for shtf shit but ive been shooting revolvers quite a bit lately and honestly I like them alot. Ive been looking at getting a 6" S&W 686 or Ruger GP100 or SP101,any advice on ammo choice for plinking or defensive use? What other revolvers should I consider?


The Ruger GP100 match champion 10mm interests me GREATLY. Is that too much of a hand cannon? Hah. Nah.


Im wanting a .357 so I can shoot .38 too. As far as the other stuff I completely agree, Roberta.


Before anyone asks, Ive been reading Bill Jordans book “No Second Place Winner” and its got me in a revolver mood that and I love the triggers. Dont judge me for wanting to seitch from my fantastic plastic nines.


Seeds. Stockpile seeds. And get a flock of chickens (eggs and meat).

I like my 'ol 1955 S&W M -14 in .38 Spl. I used to shoot PPC and it did credible (1-1/2" six-shot group at 25 yards on my best day). Best single-action trigger of anything I have ever shot. And pretty good D/A as well. It has also accounted for many bunnies and a few squirrels with mid-range wadcutters.


I’ve had a 686 for 35 years and haven’t seen a need to get anything else .


I prefer full power .357, dick. I like .38 so I can take new people shooting without traumatizing them.


No ,I taught my friend and his 9 year old daughter to shoot…no way would I use a .357 or 10mm. I do have 9mm so the .38 arguement is moot, I guess.


I dislike 10mm Glocks, the Colt Delta elite or whatever its called was by far the best 10mm ive ever shot and I loved that thing.


With new shooters I like to start with a 617 Smith and a Ruger mark 111 . That way they don’t develop bad habits .


When you can shoot a da revolver well you can hit with anything they teach you to have good trigger control.


When they say pre or post lock with SW revolvers what are they refering too?


So the lock is irrelevant?


I kind of like these:


Are Dan Wesson firearms American made or an American brand?



Dan Wesson Firearms, now owned by CZ-USA, is an American brand and made in America (New York). Dan Wesson is/was the Wesson in Smith & Wesson (S&W). When their firm (S&W) was sold, Dan Wesson started his own firm (Dan Wesson Firearms) in Massachusetts. Dan’s firm eventually got bought by CZ-USA and moved to NY.


The absolute best DA trigger pull I have ever experienced in a revolver is on the Colt Cobra (modern version). I think it is around 7 pounds and smooth. Not sure what the SA pull is, but obviously less than that.

So, if you want to go to a double action revolver, Colt makes the Cobra (which is DA/SA), and now the Night Cobra (which is DAO). These Colt Cobra’s are .38+p, 6 shot, with 2.1 inch barrels. Not cheap, but quite nice.


S&W 686 all day. It was my first “powerful” hand gun, and one of the only revolvers I’ve ever seen a reason to keep around. It’s an absolute juggernaught, and a blast to shoot. If I ever have to downsize my collection, it will stay with me.

I also have an affinity for it because it reminds me of the .357 in Half Life 2, a game I love. A lame reason, but It’s just another excuse to love the gun as I do.


It is a good reason though. I like that game.


Our wheel guns are 38/357 or 22
My family brings the latest and greatest to our range. Plastic fantastic of most makes and models.
They’ve all trained well and are proficient with their choice of tool. Good and safe shooters to a one.
Then Uncle John humbles them all with his 6 in Python.