Third Circuit: Second Amendment is a Second Rate Right


I quite frankly don’t give a shite what any of these “circus” courts decide. The Constitution and Bill of Rights had original intents well defined by the writings of our founders.
They can and will continue to twist and rewrite history in order to fit their agendas.
We can either accept or reject this crap. I for one know which side of the fence I’m on, and am patiently waiting for the rest of the patriots on my side of this fence to decide when they’ve had enough.
God save our Republic.


Then tell these third circus jackwagons to dismiss all of their armed security detail and to turn over their weapons and never call the armed law enforcement if they have a problem. Because you better believe THEY own firearms–in fact I bet more than half of those judges conceal carry and they love LE when they need them.

In fact, we should figure out a way to find out every single democrat and lawmaker/judge/etc who conceal carries and or who owns firearms in order to publicly humiliate them showing their hypocrisy (and treason frankly).


That’s what I say… do not like guns? Want to vote and speak out against them? Create laws to suppress or ban them? Then you loose your right to have armed protection of any kind.


Makes you wonder what other rights will become/be treated as second rate rights.

Scary stuff!


1st is already borderline that already @JohnB .