This is a long overdo thank you to Trijicon

Several years ago I bought a used Trijicon TX30 from a local guns shop at a good price.

There were three main reasons I wanted this ‘red dot’

  1. Accessories were to come later, specifically I was hoping for a magnifier.
  2. The “chevron” reticle got a lot of good complements from shooters I knew and on
  3. It is “tri power”, integrated fiber optics, Tritium illuminated reticle, and “On-Call Battery Backup”

The rest of the article is here:


Seems odd to see a chevron with no range finder :man_shrugging:


These day’s now. Back then it was a great way to range. Tip was 100 yards, put head and shoulders in the chevron for 200 and just over that for 300. something like that.