This is your police department (1951)





Big difference nowadays when they’re fully tacted out with armored vehicles to go with it. We now have a military, not a police force patrolling the streets


Right, LonewolfMcQuade.

But, perhaps that is better so that they don’t get outgunned by the bad guys.


I just thought the videos were neat. I wasnt trying to start an anti-cop thread in the LEO subforum. Theres obviously issues with some LE but that would be better suited to a discussion in 'The End is Near" subforum or conspiracy thread.


Agreed, jf89.

The videos are neat. I wonder if they still make such videos?


Times have changed, I don’t think we could ever see a police force like that anytime soon.


Never again @phill92 . It will never happen mate.


Because the criminals are now organized gangs. I’d rather see police with all types of military gear if it means less dead cops.