This is your police department (1951)





Big difference nowadays when they’re fully tacted out with armored vehicles to go with it. We now have a military, not a police force patrolling the streets


Right, LonewolfMcQuade.

But, perhaps that is better so that they don’t get outgunned by the bad guys.


I just thought the videos were neat. I wasnt trying to start an anti-cop thread in the LEO subforum. Theres obviously issues with some LE but that would be better suited to a discussion in 'The End is Near" subforum or conspiracy thread.


Agreed, jf89.

The videos are neat. I wonder if they still make such videos?


Times have changed, I don’t think we could ever see a police force like that anytime soon.


Never again @phill92 . It will never happen mate.


Because the criminals are now organized gangs. I’d rather see police with all types of military gear if it means less dead cops.


true, but they had real organized gangs in the 20’s up to the 60’s (the Mob), so still, what changed?


Modern gangs use modern tools. Modern police must use modern tools in response. I wouldn’t want to go into a drug-bust with just a duty belt and a revolver.

Here’s a great video you should watch by Donut Operator, a Navy Vet and prior LEO: Police Militarization

In it he talks about police receiving uniforms and vehicles from the Department of Defense second-hand saves the police department money, how armored vehicles can be used for both active shooter-situations and natural disasters, and how the AR15 is an effective patrol rifle.


The majority of civilian/LE interactions are really good. As with everything in the media today we only see the bad encounters. As much as the media would like us to believe that this country is a cesspool of violence and hate it really isn’t. I love this country!


I am speechless with your post, I agree and believe there is nothing more on this topic that remains to be said. :sunglasses: