This really sucks. I smell bs in the reason.


This does smell of BS, almost some like these Sheriffs that didn’t do NICS checks on purpose in order for this result. It reeks of BS…


They stoped using Indiana’s LTC background checks years ago. They were only checking local databases. There were convicted felons from other states that moved to Indiana and had LTC. That let them purchase guns without a federal background check.


Michigan FFL’s always do a NICS check, with or without a concealed pistol license (CPL as we call them).


I’m sure that ATF will continue to “find” this occurring in state after state until all CWPs are no longer acceptable in lieu of the background check.
On another note, I’ve wondered for years whether or not the NICS check was being used to record the names of individuals purchasing firearms, as well as the number of times they purchased a firearm…but then again, I’m probably just letting my imagination run wild :sunglasses:


A while after the NICS got started, back in the late 1990s, it came out that the FBI was not deleting records from the NICS checks. The FBI was claiming that they needed to keep the records, in order to comply with the requirement that had been placed on them to audit the system. When asked how they were going to do this audit, they initially replied that they had not yet determined how to do it, then later they claimed they needed to share the data with the ATF for the audit (sharing the data with the ATF was prohibited by law).

Much noise was raised over how the FBI, under the Clinton administration, was using NICS to create an illegal database of legal gun owners.

Then Bush beat Gore, moving the democrats out of the White House, and nobody seemed to be interested in what the FBI was doing with the records that they were still claiming they had to keep for auditing purposes. I don’t recall reading anything that explained how that was eventually resolved.


Very interesting and enlightening, thanks for that info.
Maybe my imagination isn’t as wild as I thought :wink: