This should make for an interesting day



Interesting, I didnt even know about this.What do you think will come of it?


I think a slap on the wrist, which will change nothing. The big three need to be forced to pay billions in damages to the channels, pages, and groups that were damaged due to their bias.


What needs to happen is the government to rule these are monopolies and force split them up. It’s our only hope because it is NOT likely to legitimately create a competitor otherwise.


Kinda agree, but I’m not a fan of the government getting their paws into everything. Can’t trust them to make the correct decisions.
If we let the government say you must allow everything then places like Full30 could be forced into the same thing and we’ll get overrun with lib shit.

I think there is a better case made for those affected to sue these platforms for changing the rules midstream.
Places like Full30 should have very clear disclaimers that say certain content and comments won’t be allowed. If this is known right out of the gate then there could be little push back if certain memberships are revoked.
My $0.02


I get what you’re saying and I agree that the government is useless but something has to be done and I don’t trust the free market this time to fix it because there is just too much money on one side. It’s hard to think this way as a libertarian trust me.


Yeah. Again, seems almost hopeless.
But not quite.