This thread is no longer relevant


This thread is no longer relevant.


One can’t know too much.
Knowing how to effectively use a shotgun and carbine in addition to a handgun might just save the day.
One of them could even be what the bad guy brought.



I agree, and love your humor!


good points, g.willikers.

However, I would have to be really desperate (which is hopefully never), to use the thug’s gun(s).

I prefer the “New York reload” option (basically, carry more than one gun).



If you have the time and money, more training is (almost?) always a good thing.

For carbines (especially pistol caliber carbines), there is a practical use in home defense - namely, operating from a fixed vantage point, such as your bedroom or your “safe room” (which may or may not be where your bedroom is, or for that matter, where your gun safe is). For those places (states…), that don’t honor the castle doctrine, having a safe room (where you consider safest to defend yourself, as well as your family), makes (even more) sense.


I’m with @g.willikers on this. Any training is always practical. My go to guns are a pistol and shotgun for in the house. But why not have the skills with any weapon you’ve got? You just can’t know to much.


This is the best point in here. You’ve got to use what you’re comfortable with and trained on. The only bad self defense firearm is the one you cannot use comfortably and without thinking from training. And training can be something as simple as range time to generate muscle memory or formal training. Though in my opinion any formal training should be secondary after personal training (range time + muscle memory) once you reach a confidence level of your firearm to save your life. :cowboy_hat_face:


mquinn55, Mister_Torgue:

Totally agree. Great points.


58marine, Robert:

I agree. You, Robert, are an asset, not a PIA. And, thanks for toning things down.


There’s quite a few shotgun and carbine training facilities around the country.
Like Shootrite, Gunsite, plus all the roving instructors who might be in your area.
But there’s other ways to acquire the skills.
There’s a lot of online videos graciously contributed by some of the top names in the training world.
Attending organized matches, as others have suggested, works pretty good, too.
There’s plenty of ways to learn, from the top dollar schools to home practice.
They’re all good.
All it takes is the motivation.and desire.