ThisOldGun Needs Your Help Identifying a Mystery Medal


My guess is that it’s Austrian. Anyone have any better ideas?


Didn’t find a thing

whats the banner read?



I found the oval one by itself. It is honoring 50 years of Franz Joseph. I haven’t found anything on the rest of it.


I wish I could tell. It’s worn.


Good detective work! I missed that page. The rest of the medal is a dang mystery.


What does the round one say on the front around the portrait?


My best guess- DE FRANCE / HENRI



This one is French. You may have something that was put together by an individual and didn’t start out as one thing.


I’m thinking you’re right. But it was put together a long time ago. I wonder if there are others like it- like it was a trend, or if it’s a one-off somebody’s project 100 years ago sort of scenario.


Is it made of silver or ?


How do you tell without removing the tarnish? It looks like it is to me.


Taste it


Maybe Belgian…possibly pre-dating WW1

These ones have many of the same design elements:

Either way, very cool!


The French one was made in silver or copper.


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My best guess on the small shield is that it is French as well due to the fleur-de-lis on top.


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And the swords are pointed down indicating peacetime. I know it’s a stretch but based on the medals and timeframe, could it be a Franco Prussian War veteran’s piece?