Thoughts on a Sarsılmaz Kılınç 2000 Mega? (and other CZ clones)


I like it but obviously haven’t owned one. I’d like experiences on this specific model please. I think I saw either Sootch or The Firearm Guy review it.

I’m also interested in this 10mm… (somewhere Robert’s juicing himself)


another Turkey SS pistol
but I was looking closer at a EAA witness Full Size Steel 38 in either 38 super or 10mm


“importer” so yes
this version is modelled after the Browning Inglish Hi-power but can also purchase just a Tisas / FN style


Ohhhhhhh, I like those. So many to choose from! But what of those from that link are imported to the US?

I like these especially…

Apparently Buds Gun Shop had some…note, HAD some. And they are in my price range…


Oh, and my budget will determine what I can get. I’ve got ~$400. One of the reasons why I liked the 2000 Mega.


one thing I have discovered up here is we do not have trade sanctions and that we can buy/import firearms direct from the manufacturer (large enough order)
Prime example - the Canik pistol has been seen up here with Century Arms import and without any import.
I do kind of wish I could “gift” stuff south, where as you can send stuff north through a broker (like and it will show up on my doorstep.


Updated the first post. But I’ll paste it here. I’m going to take my ~$400 and my Hi-Point 995TS 9mm carbine to this shop Monday and see if I can walk out with this. If not I’m likely going to try and find one of these lesser expensive clones unless something else piques my interest. I’ve got such a large list of stuff I want sometimes I feel discombobulated.

I’m also interested in this 10mm… (somewhere Robert’s juicing himself)


Don’t discount the surplus police CZ-75’s. Both are Hi Power look alikes but have their differences. The CZ is tried and true and in budget. That’s if your LGS has them I suppose.


I could not wait until Monday. So I bought a wheelgun.


I still desperately want one of these Sarsilmaz Mega but they are starting to become hard to find. I looked for a brand new one for a few days with no luck so I bought a Canik for now.