Thoughts on Polymer 80 frames?


We just released our review on the Agency Syndicate, which uses a Polymer80 frame. What are your thoughts on this? Do you like the idea of an undocumented handgun, or is it going to cause trouble down the road?


100k times more than undocumented immigrants yes, love it.


I love that idea. Unfortunately I live in Commiefornia and I can’t get one.



I LOVE the idea around undocumented firearms available to the public so I’m naturally in favor of 80%ers. If I was confident in my abilities I would build an 80% Glock 20, 1911 and AR frame. Our ancestors didn’t have serial numbers and it all worked out for them. In order to actually legitimately exercise our 2A undocumented firearms need to exist. Because after all the government whom tyranny will come from shouldn’t know who has what…or that “what” even exists.

Come out to ID with us when we leave Texas! :cowboy_hat_face:


Hoping to beat you there! We’re starting to look.


I’M SUPER JEALOUS!!! We wanna go so bad. But need to stabilize after baby is born and get in to a good spot.

FYI, we are looking around Idaho City / Emmitt / Cascade / Horseshoe Bend.


It may pose problems in the future for the communists republic of maryland but we will see.


I need to stop dragging my feet and get a few. With so many cool new slides at affordable prices it would be fun to have a few pistol builds


The Polymer80 frames are like potato chips. After the first one, you’ll crave another. Next thing you know, you’ll be asking what configurations are left to try, and what caliber you want to try next. And Polymer80 hasn’t been passing up opportunities to increase the selection of choices.

For 9mm builds, 17 and 19 slides are fairly easy to find at a variety of prices. 26 and 34 slides are less common, but still not difficult to find.

When you shift to .40S&W or .357Sig, slide selection drops off considerably, with 23 slides probably being the easiest to find.

Should be interesting to see what 10mm and .45acp slides are available, in the coming months.


Cascade is a prime focus for us as well. Saw some great property near Riggins as well.


I love that area. Beautiful country down there.
To be fair, the only questionable areas in Idaho are the Nampa/Caldwell/Boise area and to a lesser extent the Coeur d’Alene area (which is improving from what I hear).


Cascade looks stunning and I’ve heard nothing but great things from residents of the state I’ve talked to. It’s ~70mi from Boise so it won’t be fun if we have to end up commuting to work if our business fails. But shit, I’d do it in a nanosecond just to live in that kind of scenery. Especially around Cascade lake…my god its stunning. I mean properly stunning, just look at this.

Riggins is a very nice place too. My only complaints are available land and not near a decent city for a commute. BUT if you want privacy and can manage financially it would be a great place. Right off the Salmon river, which of course is quite brilliant and stunning as well.

That’s the hoity toity rich area and is pretty expensive to live there from my understanding. But yes, in terms of overall goodness it is improving. My step-father’s daughter lives and works there. The beauty there is stunning…which is likely why it is what it is. :smiley:

Wrong side of the metro area for us. The area(s) that are “shady” from what I understand are more Twin Falls and Ontario. But that is just from anecdotes so I don’t hold too much interest in that line of thinking. Boise’s fine to commute to and live near we just don’t want to live within its city limits. Which is too bad, because there was a very nice affordable property last year for sale out on the boundary line that was perfect.

Perhaps this needs to be merged in to a separate thread? LOL Sorry, I seem to go off topic a lot.


Not all of it, there was also whitey supreme issues at one point, not as much of a thing anymore,. These hoity toities are generally much more tolerable than something like the Portland or Seattle hoity toities.


We camped at Cascade lake for the eclipse in 2017. Fell in love with the area and the town. It has a Hardware Store. Not a chain or big box. A small town Hardware Store. How cool is that. Lake and area is beautiful and McCall is a nice sized town just up the road a piece.


Ontario is in oregon, its a mini Nampa/Caldwell.
Twin falls is not very bad, its really nice compared to Nampa/Caldwell, imo. Boise can be nice if you pick the right location, kind of like you did/are doing. Lol


This is absolutely what I have heard as well.


Good to know.

And that goes to show you my instinct was correct about Ontario. I wonder if the 2 people I talked to were referring to the area just east of the Walmart (on the OR) right across the state border?


That’s Ontario , its connected to Fruitland Idaho on the Idaho-Oregon border. Shitty small area that suffers from hispanic gangs and drug crime, tweekers everywhere. Ontario was in the top 3 for crime per capita in Oregon A few years back.


Well that definitely explains their comments about it. :wink: Hah.


Well not to brag but the area I live in (about 100 miles west of Ontario) had more gang related murders for the first part of last year but we just couldnt keep up in the 2nd half :persevere:

We have them beat in meth manufacturing and drug arrests though, so thats something.


Sounds like you need to move.