Thoughts on the #FuddLyfe #FuddLife

If we spent half as much time working to converse with and educate those who simply enjoy firearms as much as anyone else… where could we go? Name calling does no good, and yes, I am guilty, man enough to admit it too. None of us were born second amendment advocates or activist and I wager a very large percentage of those out there name calling were once “fudds” themselves. We have to all start somewhere. So you found a passion for firearms in your 20s? Good for you. You immediately went full force advocate or activist? Good for you. But don’t discount the wealth of knowledge and the community connections of those, who have been around firearms, using firearms pretty much their entire lives. These people are reasonable and love their right to bear, maybe in their own way but love it none the less. Let’s try something new in 2019… Let’s try to strengthen minds by way of educational conversation, not hateful memes or rhetoric.